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This category features Reddy stories from regular folks.

Speedy Kilowatt?

Got this email a while back—with a fun photo. Ever seen a Reddy Kilowatt speedboat? Now you have. My name is Michael Terry, My grandfather, Doc Terry, was the crew chief of this boat in 1955 when it won the Gold Cup. I just found this web site and thought I would pass this on. […]

Halloween, 1969

Here’s a great photo & memory from Mr. Nathan J. Foulds of Franklin, N.J. My Mom always hand-made theme-based costumes for my brothers and I to march in the annual Halloween parade in Packanack Lake, a close knit lake community that is part of Wayne Township, N.J. It had population then of about 45,000. This […]

Are you Reddy for the Army?

I hadn’t seen anything like this until alert reader Richard Johnson sent in these excellent photos of Reddy on a military patch. This is what he told me about the item: Reddy Kilowatt, the renowned corporate mascot of the Alabama Power Company has been around for almost a century. This very rare patch was used […]

StoryCorps: Rebecca Boothman & Reddy Killowatt

Here’s a recollection of Reddy from the StoryCorps project on New Hampshire Public Radio: “Rebecca Boothman recounts stories of her childhood growing up in Randolph, NH and reveals what life was like for her mother when her father went off to fight in World War II.” We never had a television. If we were real […]

Ready for more Reddy?

Here’s a quick remembrance of Mr. Kilowatt at a Lorain County Nostalgia site. Ohio Edison was the power company where I grew up (not far from Lorain County, actually). Since I spend a lot of time in the Lorain Public Library pouring over microfilm of newspapers from the 1950s and 1960s, it seems that almost […]

And What To My Wondering Eyes…

A story from the holidays last year… When I came home from work on Friday, it was to a surprise package in the mail…from West Virginia…from someone I’ve never met before. Which is weird…that it came to my house, because usually I have things sent to Snap Snap, as someone is usually there to receive […]

Reddy tomfoolery

A portion of Patricia Burroughs’ memories of her “Grannymamma:” She also was the ringleader of a group of young GI’s wives who stole Reddy-Kilowatt from the front of the electric company in Baton Rouge and hid him in her bedroom until the end of the war. (The MPs talked a lot about the braze[n]ness of […]