And What To My Wondering Eyes…

A story from the holidays last year…
Reddy Kilowatt: Christmas from the Kitchen

When I came home from work on Friday, it was to a surprise package in the mail…from West Virginia…from someone I’ve never met before. Which is weird…that it came to my house, because usually I have things sent to Snap Snap, as someone is usually there to receive packages…so, I was thinking it was someone I knew…

Only it wasn’t…

I opened the package and what did I find?

A Reddy Kilowatt Christmas From the Kitchen vintage cookbook (and holiday decorating idea book) And I dropped dead…OK…I didn’t die, but I did cry.

Oh yes, I did.

I was so very touched that someone thought of me, and sent along something so treasured. Someone I seemingly didn’t even know…There’s not a lot of people who even know who Reddy Kilowatt is…except for one person I didn’t even think of…


  1. Phil

    Well Bill, they know, they just don’t remember him.
    I took care of a portion of that this morning with a reminder more or less, to friends in Chicago, Vermont, Kentucky and here is Lorain County.


  2. margaret

    Reddy Recipes were a part of growing up in our house
    Toronto, OH. Ranchhouse Beans, Ranger Cookies and
    Strawberry Shortcut Cake are still on my list of favorites. Would love to get some original copies of other recipes to add to my meager collection.

  3. Manette Cignetti

    Does anyone have the Reddy Kilowatt Potato Chip cookie recipe? I have searched high and low and cannot find it anywhere on the internet. I made these in elementary school at a Reddy Kilowatt cooking camp and will never forget them: )

  4. Tina

    I am looking for the cookbook that had glazed carrots and the cake with the broiled peanut butter icing. Thanks