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Selling the Energy-Intensive Lifestyle

Inventing Green: The Lost History of Alternative Energy in America has a good piece on Reddy (and other industry mascots). It gives an overview of how electricity needed to be sold in the early days (everyone used clotheslines before dryers and washed dishes by hand before dishwashers), which might seem unbelievable now, but definitely took […]

Smart power usage could save $120 billion

Something else from the Northwest, over at Dvorak Uncensored: Technology to help Americans reduce electricity use when the grid is stressed could help utilities save $120 billion on spending for new power plants and transmission lines, government officials and researchers said on Wednesday after a study in the Pacific Northwest.

Use CFLs to Retire Reddy Kilowatt

Good advice for reducing electricity consumption: Six months ago, a friend pressed on me a six-pack of compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. Odd little pig-tail curls, but they fit in standard light bulb places. He’s a retired electrician, so I listened.. I followed his advice, added some aggressiveness turning off unused lights and “vampire” rechargers […]

‘Milly Watt’ Research Yields New Approach to Managing Computer Electricity Use

Have a look at this ghastly adaptation of Reddy. Even if it’s for a good cause I have to say, um, yuck! :-) Duke University computer scientists are developing a new approach to managing electric power use by computers. Their “Milly Watt” project not only promises to greatly increase the energy efficiency of computers, but […]