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This category features recipes and memorabilia from the numerous Reddy Kilowatt electric kitchen cookbooks and pamphlets.

And What To My Wondering Eyes…

A story from the holidays last year… When I came home from work on Friday, it was to a surprise package in the mail…from West Virginia…from someone I’ve never met before. Which is weird…that it came to my house, because usually I have things sent to Snap Snap, as someone is usually there to receive […]

Try again for a fluffy Dream Cake

Weird. Apparently an old recipe in one of those electric company booklets falls totally flat now. Reddy’s recipe worked back in the 1950s, but doesn’t work now. What a difference 50 years makes. In this case, the difference between a Dream Cake and a pancake. This sorry story began here a few weeks ago, with […]

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Reddy in the ‘Gallery of Regrettable Food 3.0’

James Lileks’ “Gallery of Regrettable Food” is an internet classic. Even Reddy cannot escape a skewering: Reddy Kilowatt heralding the all-electric, post-war Kitchen of Death. Isn’t he cute? the women seem to be saying. (The one on the left seems particularly enchanted.) They do not realize, of course, that one touch of Reddy means instant, […]