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Reddy Kilowatt Records at The Smithsonian, 1926-1999

Looks like the Smithsonian Institution has 199 boxes of Reddy Kilowatt history. Everything was donated by Xcel Energy in 2005. Bio / His Notes: The Reddy Kilowatt trademark was created in 1926 by Ashton B. Collins. Reddy Kilowatt, Inc. licensed the trademark promotion and identification purposes by more than 150 investor-owned electric utilities in the […]

The Great Reddy Kilowatt

Lots of great old images in this Creativepro.com article from earlier this year. Electricity once had a perky little mascot, Reddy Kilowatt, with a light bulb nose, plugs for ears, and a body made of lightning bolts… It’s hard to imagine when people didn’t take electricity for granted, yet in the beginning electricity was restricted […]

StoryCorps: Rebecca Boothman & Reddy Killowatt

Here’s a recollection of Reddy from the StoryCorps project on New Hampshire Public Radio: “Rebecca Boothman recounts stories of her childhood growing up in Randolph, NH and reveals what life was like for her mother when her father went off to fight in World War II.” We never had a television. If we were real […]

Local Forth Worth history: Reddy Kilowatt

A Fort Worth forum discussion on an old Reddy sign that used to be on a power plant: I grew up in Stop Six and Poly, and moved to Ohio in 1978 when my parents passed away. I was wondering, is Reddy Kilowatt still on the side of the Handley power plant? I remember him […]