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Willie Wirehand Seeks Revenge: The Shocking Truth

A cautionary tale about respecting electricity from Horace Jeffery Hodges — and note that this mishap was blamed on Willie Wirehand, not Reddy Kilowatt! ;-)… Although I managed to maneuver the plug’s prongs into the extension’s outlet, a spark of electricity briefly illuminated the night, and I dropped the two cords in alarm without completing […]

Scipio Center, NY History: Welcome in the New Year

A quick Reddy mention from someone over in New York state: “Living off the grid” was the norm, since the grid did not come to Scipio until about the early 1940’s. An early bill features a picture of Reddy Kilowatt and a cost of $2.50 for a month’s service for a house on the then […]

Off Goes the Power Current Started by Thomas Edison

From yesterday’s NYT CityBlog: Today, Con Edison will end 125 years of direct current electricity service that began when Thomas Edison opened his Pearl Street power station on Sept. 4, 1882. Con Ed will now only provide alternating current, in a final, vestigial triumph by Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse, Mr. Edison’s rivals who were […]

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A Kinder Gentler Reddy

From a blog called Denver Direct: Now Reddy, while you were back in the storage shed hibernating, one of your distributors, Xcel Energy in Colorado, was trying to make things better by upgrading some of those transmission towers over there just west of the Platte. You remember? Ok, Well, part of that route goes through […]

Use CFLs to Retire Reddy Kilowatt

Good advice for reducing electricity consumption: Six months ago, a friend pressed on me a six-pack of compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. Odd little pig-tail curls, but they fit in standard light bulb places. He’s a retired electrician, so I listened.. I followed his advice, added some aggressiveness turning off unused lights and “vampire” rechargers […]

‘Milly Watt’ Research Yields New Approach to Managing Computer Electricity Use

Have a look at this ghastly adaptation of Reddy. Even if it’s for a good cause I have to say, um, yuck! :-) Duke University computer scientists are developing a new approach to managing electric power use by computers. Their “Milly Watt” project not only promises to greatly increase the energy efficiency of computers, but […]