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My new book: “50 Sad Chairs”

Totally unrelated to Reddy Kilowatt: I probably should mention that my new book is out. It’s published by the weird and wonderful folks at BlueQ. It’s a nice little photo book of the sad chairs of St. Louis. No, really. Discarded chairs in alleys. Abandoned chairs on street corners. Abused chairs on loading docks. You […]

The Mighty Atom

A Yahoo! Group for fans of Reddy. Has 130 members so far. This group is for people who love Reddy Kilowatt, a long-time symbol for the electric utility business. Reddy was invented by Ashton B. Collins, Sr., who worked for Alabama Power Company. Reddy debuted on March 11, 1926 as the symbol for electric service. […]

Wild electricity videos

Not actually Reddy Kilowatt, but a guest appearance by crazy, out of control electricity: “Let’s take a break from the daily grind, and just sit back and enjoy life. Life is good. And never more so then when we’re watching our old friend Reddy Kilowatt getting a little playful…”

Who was Walter Tetley?

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has a great post on Walter Tetley, the man who voiced the Reddy video I linked a couple weeks ago. Walter Tetley was a prolific character actor in the mediums of film, radio, and animation for many years… Walter Tetley had the voice of a pre-pubescent schoolboy. Born with a […]

Whoa — there’s a Reddy Kilowatt credit union?

It’s in St. John’s, Newfoundland, but it’s not for you or me (and nowhere does the site mention Reddy as electricity’s most famous “spokesthing”): Who can become a customer-owner of Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union? All employees and retirees of the Fortis Group of Companies and their extended families can.

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