My new book: “50 Sad Chairs”

50 Sad ChairsTotally unrelated to Reddy Kilowatt: I probably should mention that my new book is out. It’s published by the weird and wonderful folks at BlueQ. It’s a nice little photo book of the sad chairs of St. Louis. No, really. Discarded chairs in alleys. Abandoned chairs on street corners. Abused chairs on loading docks. You get the picture. You’re gonna like it.

Check out to see some page samples and (if you want) by it at Amazon or



  1. Wade Smith

    I bought the book a few months back when I first saw this website. I really liked it (which it were a little larger in size though). I threw out an old recliner a couple weeks ago (wife made me, I loved it, rips and all). It sat on the patio out back for two days before trash day and got all covered with snow. I should have taken a photo, it reminded me of the book. Great website, Reddy Kilowatt is cool.