Category: Sightings

This category shows pictures of Reddy Kilowatt out in the real world.

Speedy Kilowatt?

Got this email a while back—with a fun photo. Ever seen a Reddy Kilowatt speedboat? Now you have. My name is Michael Terry, My grandfather, Doc Terry, was the crew chief of this boat in 1955 when it won the Gold Cup. I just found this web site and thought I would pass this on. […]

Larger-than-life Reddy

Damn! A good man named Mike Lawson has shared not just the existence of a massive, illuminated Reddy sign, but a time-lapse of it being brought back to life. In his words: Hello Bill, Attached are some pictures of the completed sign. Below is a link to a time lapse presentation of us installing the […]

Reddy Killowatt as a real Railroader

Check out the Gopher State Railway Museum’s train featuring Reddy Kilowatt as the engineer (scroll down after following the link). Photo by Adam Kosel. Jeff Braun says: From Just a brief history — the locomotive was built in 1940 by Electromotive Corporation for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. NSP accquired the locomotive in approximately […]

Reddy the Park Ranger?

Wow, look at this hand-painted Reddy all decked out in park ranger clothes talking about absolutely nothing to do with electricity. Weird. Remember this guy? I found him at Sooner Lake in northern Oklahoma on my way to Kansas. Sooner Lake is a power plant lake for Oklahoma Gas & Electric’s coal fired power plant. […]

Reddy on the railroad

Check it out — Miller Signs makes a lighted Reddy Kilowatt billboard for model railroads! Scroll halfway down the linked page to read more about it.