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This category shows pictures of Reddy Kilowatt out in the real world.

Are you Reddy for the Army?

I hadn’t seen anything like this until alert reader Richard Johnson sent in these excellent photos of Reddy on a military patch. This is what he told me about the item: Reddy Kilowatt, the renowned corporate mascot of the Alabama Power Company has been around for almost a century. This very rare patch was used […]

The Scary Adventure of Reddy Kilowatt® in the Land of Perpetual Obsolescence (CWD791)

Someone used Reddy in a photography class assignment: Made on an obsolescent machine with an obsolescent editing program running under an obsolescent operating system, putting together 6 frames shot with an obsolescent camera of a bobble-head doll in a pile of downright obsolete equipment, including the voltage regulator from a B-17. Darn. Originally uploaded by […]

Reddy in Sioux City

Something from reader Roger Caudron, which I am way late in posting…. Here’s a photo of Reddy in place in the ISU Design West Studio. This photo is free for your use in promoting Reddy Kilowatt, your web site, and his display in Downtown Sioux City. Here’s the article from the Sioux City Journal […]

Local Forth Worth history: Reddy Kilowatt

A Fort Worth forum discussion on an old Reddy sign that used to be on a power plant: I grew up in Stop Six and Poly, and moved to Ohio in 1978 when my parents passed away. I was wondering, is Reddy Kilowatt still on the side of the Handley power plant? I remember him […]