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This category features other mascots like Reddy, such as Willy Wirehand.

Not a mascot, but ‘The Helper’

Meet The Helper, a slightly Reddy-inspired Donald Duck character. Well, maybe you’d already met him but I hadn’t. He’s been around since the 1950s and is “a kind of microbot.” In Gyro’s First Invention Don Rosa shows that the Helper was constructed in 1952. He is built out of a lamp previous owned by Donald […]

Selling the Energy-Intensive Lifestyle

Inventing Green: The Lost History of Alternative Energy in America has a good piece on Reddy (and other industry mascots). It gives an overview of how electricity needed to be sold in the early days (everyone used clotheslines before dryers and washed dishes by hand before dishwashers), which might seem unbelievable now, but definitely took […]

Willie Wirehand Seeks Revenge: The Shocking Truth

A cautionary tale about respecting electricity from Horace Jeffery Hodges — and note that this mishap was blamed on Willie Wirehand, not Reddy Kilowatt! ;-)… Although I managed to maneuver the plug’s prongs into the extension’s outlet, a spark of electricity briefly illuminated the night, and I dropped the two cords in alarm without completing […]

‘Milly Watt’ Research Yields New Approach to Managing Computer Electricity Use

Have a look at this ghastly adaptation of Reddy. Even if it’s for a good cause I have to say, um, yuck! :-) Duke University computer scientists are developing a new approach to managing electric power use by computers. Their “Milly Watt” project not only promises to greatly increase the energy efficiency of computers, but […]

Willie Wiredhand History

Was Willie Wirehand Reddy Kilowatt’s arch-nemesis or just a rival? Was he a compatriot, a co-worker or part of a wicked collaboration against Mr. Kilowatt? Well, it seems he was just the coops’ response to the fact that Reddy’s creator, Ashon. B Collins, thought that electricity cooperatives were socialist entities: Electric cooperatives initially wanted to […]