StoryCorps: Rebecca Boothman & Reddy Killowatt

Here’s a recollection of Reddy from the StoryCorps project on New Hampshire Public Radio: “Rebecca Boothman recounts stories of her childhood growing up in Randolph, NH and reveals what life was like for her mother when her father went off to fight in World War II.”

We never had a television. If we were real good on Wednesday nights we could go up to [inaudible] house. He had the first television in Randolph and we could watch Walt Disney. And if we were really, really good we stay and watch the Reddy Kilowatt hour. And that was a kind of mystery sort of thing hosted by Reddy Kilowatt who was the electric icon with lightning bolt arms and legs. I can remember Dad took us fishing up to Leadmine Pond which meant that we had to walk up across the bridge and behind the power plant and he said as an aside, “You know, Reddy Kilowatt lives in there.” Well, you’re walking behind the plant; there’s all these windows and l couldn’t…I just spent all my time looking through the windows looking for Reddy Kilowatt. But, I didn’t see him.

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