Are you really into Reddy?

Neil from New York City is into Reddy Kilowatt. Enough to get a damn nice tattoo.

He was inked by Zoe at Modern Age Tattoo, 184 West 4th St.

Check it out:


  1. Amanda

    I have a Reddy tattoo as well! Mine is his full body in black and red (no yellow). I love when people ask about it!

  2. peter villalobos

    I’m not the most schooled person on looking for things on a computer.Luckily,I know an aquaintance who worked for PG&E and he told me the name of “that little electricity dude”.Reddi Kilowatt!Finally!I have’nt seen him around for awhile.I plan to do an oil painting of him soon.As soon as I finish my “Ice”house.Very good to see you again,Reddy.Great Tat!