The Granite Falls High School Kilowatts

Did you know that Reddy Kilowatt was also a high school mascot? Minnesota’s Granite Falls High School had Reddy as their mascot for nearly 60 years until school consolidation led to his retirement. NSP had a power plant in Granite Falls for many years.

Big, big thanks to GFHS alum Kari H. for the bit of trivia and for sending in these photos!

A school folder.

A graduating class.

A homecoming pin.

A GFHS sign.

A vintage drawing of Reddy.

Memorabilia from 1978.


  1. former footballer

    I have the privilege of being a Kilowatt and playing in our Maroon/Gold uniforms. Definitely one of the best logo/mascots ever. We used to get little stickers for our helmets based on performance in games. All little Reddy logos. Good times, great memories.

    GFHS Kilowatts! Someone needs to add us to the entry :)

  2. GFHS Graduate

    Really miss going back to GF and knowing they have changed the school and mascot.
    Will always be a Kilowatt!!