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A Kinder Gentler Reddy

From a blog called Denver Direct: Now Reddy, while you were back in the storage shed hibernating, one of your distributors, Xcel Energy in Colorado, was trying to make things better by upgrading some of those transmission towers over there just west of the Platte. You remember? Ok, Well, part of that route goes through […]

Reddy Kilowatt Getting a Facelift

More on that old Reddy sign in Sioux City, Iowa: A historic Siouxland icon is getting “ready” to return to the Sioux City skyline. Reddy Kilowatt, the former symbol of the Iowa Public Service Energy Company, is getting a facelift at kern signs.

Reddy Kilowatt To Be Brought Back To Life

From KTIV in Sioux City, Iowa: Before there was MidAmerican Energy in Sioux City, there was Iowa Public Service. And if you’ve been around long enough to remember that you probably remember their Mascot Reddy Kilowatt. This metal and neon sign used to adorn the I-P-S garage near Interstate 29. The mascot was once used […]

Reddy in Akron, Ohio?

A writer from the Akron Beacon Journal wonders: …does anyone know what happened to the giant light display of Reddy Kilowatt, the cartoon character that decorated the Ohio Edison building for decades in downtown Akron?

Railway museum impacted by bridge collapse

A bridge collapsed in Washington, leaving the Gopher State Railway Museum’s vintage railway pieces stranded on the other side of the Minnesota River. One of the pieces is an old railcar with Reddy Kilowatt painted on the side. Built in 1940 by Electro Motive Corporation for the CB&Q Railroad. Originally numbered 9146, it was transferred […]

Ready for Reddy Megabit?

If you search distant memories — or search the Web if you are under 30 — you may remember a very interesting marketing character, Reddy Kilowatt. Created in 1926 by Alabama Power Executives, I am not really sure what Reddy stood for — most likely reliable energy delivered over electric lines. Based on the recent […]

Poor Reddy Kilowatt in Time Magazine, 1961

Here’s the first graf of an short article called The Last Switch, published in Time on Friday, June 23, 1961, as a reflection on a 4.5 hour NYC blackout: In popular imagination, the 20th century metropolis is an indestructible giant—all those skyscrapers and subways, all that steel, stone and glass, all that raw, corpuscular power. […]

Why Reddy Kilowatt is no longer current

A rumination by Seattle P-I columnist Bill Virgin wondering why companies make so little use of fictional characters to promote themselves nowadays: Here is one of those cultural reference points that will have half the readership saying, ‘Oh, yeah, I remember him,’ and the other half saying, ‘Who?’ Whatever became of Reddy Kilowatt? The short […]