1. Lex morris

    I vividly remember the reddy kilowatt sign adorning the ohio edison building and have been searching for a photo of it to no avail. I remember his arm moved and flashed but at the time I was pretty little and haven’t lived in Akron for about 40 years. I’d sure like to find a picture of it.

  2. Lisa Andrews-Moore

    Sad to say not so far. My father worked for Ohio Edison for over 30 years, he is in his 80’s now and very ill, I have been trying to find a picture or some memorabilia of this for sometime. PLEASE Please if anyone has anything at all that they are willing to share a picture of let me know. I remember as a kid going with mom to pick dad up from work every day, running up the Edison hill and excited to see that sign each time.

  3. Laura Ruth Bidwell

    I also remember Reddy Kilowatt and his flashing arm. It was magic driving past it at night as a sleepy kid in my parents’ car. Would LOVE any information or photos!