1956 comic book

The Wizard of LightIt’s interesting how time and wear affect the value of all memorabilia. This 1956 comic book featuring Reddy Kilowatt is worth just US$7 in Fair condition, but goes for US$136.25 in Near Mint condition.

Put out by Education Comics, it’s titled The Wizard of Light and tells the story of Thomas Edison. Cool!


  1. Dave Hewett

    Did you know that Reddy was called “Hot Shot” in 1944? He appeared with that name in, of all things, Model Airplane News. In the December 1944 issue, on page 74, in the Mastercraft of Long Beach CA ad, he is shown touting the 2 volt Hot Shot storage battery, $1.95 factory assembled, $1.00 do it yourself.

  2. P.Utley

    Hello, I have an old keep sake of reddy and was wanting to sale however I wanted to know where I could get a good value of it so I can know what to ask for it. Is there any dealers tha will give an estimate? I do not know what it is called. I got it when I was born and call it a night light however it is not like our night lights today. It is an actual bulb with reddy in it plugging something in to an electric socket and when you turn it on he lights up red. It is over 30 years old and still works. Just curious. Thanks