The all-new!

This is the future home of a web site dedicated to Reddy Kilowatt. Yee-haw!

Why a Reddy Kilowatt site? I guess because my dad has a large collection of it and I thought it would be cool to share it and provide more information about this historic mascot.


  1. Ivan Kilowatt

    I’m a professional Audio Engineer. For many years, my stage name, given to me by a band I was on the road with at the time, Ivan Kilowatt. I still use it today, and when people ask me about me Reddy Kilowatt shirt, I proclaim ”He’s my Dad!”

  2. John

    Cool Site! I have been looking for a pair of work suspenders that have Reddy on them. I’m a marine electrician and it would be very cool to show up in the engine room with Reddy. Ever seen this item around? –John

  3. Ryan


    Just wanted to stop by and let everyone here know of Reddy’s son Ivan’s passing.
    Ivan Kilowatt (aka Bryan P. Sell), the famous Sound System Engineer was just short of 40 years old. You will know him from his post here on October 5th, 2007. I had known him most of my life (since I was 14), and to me he was one of my biggest influences for getting into everything electrical. From amplifiers to microphones, Ivan Kilowatt was an expert and could build almost anything. He was known especially for his hand built cables and microphone pre-amps. In my opinion he was just coming into his life calling before leaving us. A true talent taken too soon. If you like music, look him up… you might just get lucky to find some of his custom gizmo’s or the live music albums he produced. He definitely an expert, but what else would you expect out of a kid who had a “Dad” with a name like Reddy Kilowatt? We miss you Ivan.

  4. Margie

    I have an very old clear plastic figure who looks like a bolt of electricity. I have alwas thought it was Reddy Kilowatt, but looking at your site makes me think my item may not be Reddy. I have always hung him on my Christmas tree. I would send you a picture, but I don’t know how to do it.