Another public utility district takeover of Puget Sound Energy? As in 1941, so in 2008

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Bob Simmons of just posted an article on how the prospective buyout of Puget Sound Energy by Australia’s Macquarie Group is raising hackles among those in their service area who fear higher rates and less control. As a result, some are calling for a mass takeover by local PUDs (public utility districts)…

1941 billboard with Reddy
1941 billboard with Reddy

Which brings up this billboard, which I found in the excellent photographic database of the Seattle Municipal Archives. If it’s a little hard to read, here’s a transcript.

HOODED EXECUTIONER [dragging Reddy Kilowatt, Puget Power’s mascot, to the “chopping block for private enterprise,” axe in hand]: If we can just get “Reddy” — the others will come easier!
NARRATOR: If they do — you may be next.

This was snapped on May 14, 1941, on Aurora Avenue N. in Seattle. This particular campaign of Puget Power’s failed, as City Light completed its buyout of private utilities within the city limits ten years later. But it does demonstrate that they’ve been fighting the fight for years, and will likely pull out all the stops this time around.

Thanks for the heads-up Ben!

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