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I don’t really use the blog section so much. Most of my posts here are projects and they’re all listed on the home page, in order of most recent.


I spoke at TEDxVienna 2022 on how to find attention, mindfulness, and creativity in the everyday.


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Something small, every day

This year I am going to try to make something small, every day. My “little daily chunk of work” can be anything. I’m not tying to write a book or complete a single specific project. I just want to make or build on something every day—especially things I’ve never made before.


  1. Fuck this.
  2. Organized the 2014 top 10 found grocery lists.
  3. Worked on “The Available Tool” series.
  4. 2015 photobook & calendar editing.
  5. Drive from Ohio to Missouri.
  6. Tremendousness site redesign work.
  7. XMAS.
  8. 2014 photobook editing and Tremendousness site redesign.
  9. OOPS 2014 video editing (previously: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013).
  10. Botulism Music archival work.
  11. Drive from Missouri to Ohio.
  12. Botulism Music archival work.
  13. Wrapping XMAS presents.
  14. Same as 12/17.
  15. Pretty much on a “The Walking Dead” binge.
  16. Tremendousness work in Toronto.
  17. Tremendousness work in Toronto.
  18. Botulism Music archive scans.
  19. Did some work on “The Available Tool” series.
  20. Working on a Tremendousness site redesign (not live yet).
  21. Tweaked holiday mix 2014: First Snowfall.
  22. Almost finished mix and design for a 2014 Holiday Songs CD.
  23. Did a little work on “The Available Tool” series. maximumbelts by The Belts is released.
  24. Tremendousness team holiday dinner!
  25. Put together three quick “videos” for a “band” project from way back in college. The Belts’ maximumbelts to be released soon.
  26. Started working on “The Available Tool” series. Good start on 5/10 screwdriver pieces.
  27. Working on something for AIGA at Tremendousness.
  28. Updated Seen.
  29. Made a new secondary workbench from old stuff.
  30. Edited & uploaded tons of kids photos to Flickr.
  31. Edited & uploaded tons of kids photos to Flickr.


  1. Here comes sickness: A sick Spotify playlist.
  2. Balladeering: A titular Spotify playlist.
  3. A solipsistic Spotify playlist: Me, myself, & I.
  4. A thankful Thanksgiving Spotify playlist.
  5. An all natural Spotify playlist: The natural world.
  6. I hate people: An angry Spotify playlist.
  7. For Ferguson: A hoping-for-change Spotify playlist.
  8. Animals & insects: A live Spotify playlist.
  9. Country Music, USA: A Nashville playlist.
  10. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter: A seasonal Spotify playlist.
  11. Musique mechanique: A robotic Spotify playlist.
  12. Heaven & Hell—an otherworldly Spotify playlist.
  13. Promises, lies, & secrets—a publicly private Spotify playlist.
  14. Life & death—a back & forth Spotify playlist.
  15. A cold & fluffy Spotify playlist: The first snow.
  16. A fifteen-y Spotify playlist: 15.
  17. A “phone-y” Spotify playlist: Call me.
  18. Countdown—a numerical Spotify playlist.
  19. Smoke ’em if you got ’em—a cancerous Spotify playlist.
  20. Reminds me of Star Trek—another spacey Spotify playlist.
  21. Another fuckin’ Spotify Playlist: Bad words.
  22. A Spotify playlist this be: It’s Ain’t.
  23. A Spotify playlistess: Some girls.
  24. The Solar System—a spacey Spotify playlist.
  25. Say what? A Spotify playlist, I say.
  26. All year long—a month-by-month Spotify playlist.
  27. A very verby Spotify playlist: Comes & goes.
  28. Another meta-music Spotify playlist: Music about music.
  29. Oh! An Ohio Spotify playlist: Ohio bands singing about Ohio.
  30. Organizing the new studio space. Planning Spotify playlists (see 23 Oct for playlist #1).


  1. Halloween porch time-lapse (coming soon).
  2. Finished “So Many Adventures.”
  3. Constructing Famous Fictional piece: “So Many Adventures.”
  4. Constructing Famous Fictional piece: “So Many Adventures.”
  5. Constructing Famous Fictional piece: “So Many Adventures.”
  6. Searching for materials for this year’s Famous Fictional piece.
  7. Tested out the Polaroid Cube camera: One hour of infographic work in one minute.
  8. Botulism music photo editing.
  9. Made a meta-musical Spotify playlist: Songs that became bands.
  10. Some Famous Fictional work. Can’t decide what to make!
  11. Some Famous Fictional work. Ug.
  12. Finishing up summer remodel project.
  13. Finishing up summer remodel project.
  14. Finishing up summer remodel project.
  15. Made a miniature Halloween coffin.
  16. Moving into new studio space.
  17. Moving into new studio space.
  18. Busy with Tremendousness.
  19. Busy with Tremendousness.
  20. Some Famous Fictional work.
  21. Camping trip rained out: adventure day with Liam.
  22. The Star Wars Uncut team used part of my scene in Empire Uncut.
  23. Some Famous Fictional work.
  24. Ebook tests.
  25. Checked out potential studio space.
  26. Some Famous Fictional work.
  27. Made a dashcam video while taking Liam to his baseball game: A Sunday Drive.
  28. Some Famous Fictional work.
  29. Started working on a new site design (not live yet).
  30. Held SESSION.IS #001.
  31. Rearranged home office in a pathetic act of procrastination.


  1. Sent out first SESSION.IS invite.
  2. Scanned in old cassette cover designs for Botulism Music.
  3. Teapot landscape.
  4. Rearranged art hanging in home.
  5. Re-toned and shared an old photo of The Afghan Whigs. Woot!
  6. This is an ADHD toothpick that I chewed/twisted/made at Pecha Kucha STL. There’s a color version, too.
  7. Launched teaser site for SESSION.IS.
  8. Oh, only made about 200 boring slides for some client that… oh never mind. Too boring.
  9. Made title plate for The DOT Show mini museum piece. SOLD!
  10. Remastering old 4-track songs.
  11. Cassette to MP3 archiving.
  12. Tremendousness stuff.
  13. Tremendousness office beautification.
  14. Cassette to MP3 archiving.
  15. Cassette to MP3 archiving of unreleased The Belts, Rare White Squirrel, and Rudy Charisma recordings.
  16. Memory-scraping and audio cassette archaeology for Botulism Music archives.
  17. Finished Tremendousness’ new TED-Ed video.
  18. Worked more on Tremendousness reel.
  19. Started Tremendousness video reel for 2014.
  20. Tremendousness partner meetings.
  21. Tremendousness partner meetings.
  22. Tremendousness partner meetings.
  23. Started over from scratch on my AIGA Dot Show piece. The result: “The Miniature Museum of Mostly Inconsequential Objects Discovered Along the St. Louis Riverfront Trail.”
  24. Tried and failed to get AIGA Dot Show concept #3 [Ride] to work >:-/ (…uh-oh—it’s due tomorrow)
  25. Took day off. Went to Loufest.
  26. More work on TED video.
  27. Worked on Tremendousness’ new TED-Ed video.
  28. Tried and failed to get AIGA Dot Show concept #2 [The Classical Elements] to work :-(
  29. Tried and failed to get AIGA Dot Show concept #1 [Cables] to work :-|
  30. Kept sketching ideas for the AIGA Dot Show in a pathetic act of procrastination.


  1. More AIGA sketching.
  2. Made models for that piece.
  3. Sketched more for that piece.
  4. Sketched for an AIGA exhibit/auction piece.
  5. Looked for studio space.
  6. Worked on Tape the Earth.
  7. Worked on Tape the Earth.
  8. Twin Almond.
  9. Scanned a drawing from 2007: Saint Louis skyline.
  10. Updated 20th Century Anonymous again (now at 92 out of 100 photographs).
  11. “Stop hitting garage.”
  12. Famous Fictional 2014 show work.
  13. TED video work.
  14. Still distracted by home remodel stuff.
  15. Still distracted by home remodel stuff.
  16. Still distracted by home remodel stuff.
  17. Book thing.
  18. A #dubble.
  19. Updated 20th Century Anonymous again (only need 9 more photographs).
  20. Updated 20th Century Anonymous (only need 12 more photographs!).
  21. Home remodel stuff.
  22. Home remodel stuff.
  23. Home remodel stuff.
  24. Same as yesterday.
  25. Same as yesterday.
  26. Sketched concepts for The DOT Show.
  27. Updated 20th Century Anonymous.
  28. Finished Colorado trip photo editing.
  29. Drove back to St. Louis/finished shower curtain design.
  30. Headed back to St. Louis/visited Uncle Jerry’s Clown Museum/stopped in Topeka.
  31. Went downhill mountain biking from Peak 7 (got rained out)/drove to Denver and visited the Denver Art Museum.


  1. Took the gondola to the Fun Park on Peak 7 in Breckenridge (got rained out).
  2. Went horseback riding/rode bikes from Breckenridge to Frisco.
  3. Hiked the Sawhill Trail in Breckenridge.
  4. Hiked Red Rock Canyon/visited the Manitou Cliff Dwellings/took the train up to Pike’s Peak in the Colorado Springs area.
  5. Hiked The Crags in Divide, Colorado (11,000 feet).
  6. Driving to Colorado/hiked the Garden of the Gods.
  7. Driving to Colorado/storyboard for a new TED video.
  8. Storyboard for a new TED video.
  9. Finally finished the vintage Schwinn!
  10. Designed phone alcove for new kitchen.
  11. Flew to Pittsburgh and worked on finalizing “The Errorotic Wikihole.”
  12. Rode bike trails in Illinois.
  13. Planning Colorado trip.
  14. Tried to finish intro to “The Errorotic Wikihole.”
  15. Photo editing.
  16. Planning Colorado trip.
  17. Worked more on the Schwinn.
  18. Tweaked GPX files from yesterday’s project.
  19. GPS mapped the letters G and D for upcoming/long dormant poster project.
  20. Finished install of electric assist motor.
  21. Started install of Currie Technologies electric assist motor on the 1952 Schwinn.
  22. Worked on SoCiReCo business card designs.
  23. Wrote descriptions for a shitload of stuff for CraigsList and eBay.
  24. Photographed a shitload of stuff for CraigsList and eBay.
  25. Listened to Mountain Bike!
  26. Rode the Mississippi Riverfront Trail with Diane.
  27. Shot photos and worked on Alley Hoops book concept.
  28. Bike ride and hanging out.
  29. Edited Alley Hoops pix.
  30. Edited Alley Hoops pix.
  31. Edited Alley Hoops pix.


  1. Relaxing.
  2. Traveling all day.
  3. Relaxing.
  4. Working in NJ for Tremendousness.
  5. Working in NJ for Tremendousness.
  6. Working in NJ for Tremendousness.
  7. More under-the-hood work on
  8. Under-the-hood work on
  9. Finally set up an exhibits & speaking page on
  10. Finally set up a media page on
  11. Working in NYC for Tremendousness.
  12. Working in NYC for Tremendousness.
  13. Nothing.
  14. Assembling a Currie Electro-Drive Kit for my 1951 Schwinn.
  15. Set up Bitcoin.
  16. Set up MainWP on all sites and reconfigured AdSense on
  17. Updated the “Letters to the Editor” page at The Grocery List Collection.
  18. Grilled some North African style chicken.
  19. Finally wrote my Cannes Lions blog post.
  20. Took the day off and rode the Katy Trail with Diane.
  21. Worked on upcoming Cannes Lions blog post.
  22. Finished promo video for Tremendousness client (link TK).
  23. Rena and I made an Armenian Lemon Yogurt Mint cake with Lemon Mint syrup for Diane’s birthday.
  24. Phew. Taking a week off…
  25. Phew. Taking a week off…
  26. Phew. Taking a week off…
  27. Phew. Taking a week off…
  28. Phew. Taking a week off…
  29. Phew. Taking a week off…
  30. Phew. Taking a week off…


  1. Hung Shim Sun #1.
  2. Photo editing.
  3. Photo editing & Missilefits video editing.
  4. Uploaded ~150 old BMX and concert photos to Flickr.
  5. Made a Uface iPhone app self-portrait.
  6. Finished a collaboration with the kids: a list of 100 things to do in 2014.
  7. Finished Shim Sun #1.
  8. Model rocket repair and rebuilding a 1952/53 Schwinn New World Traveler road bike (shifter).
  9. Worked on Shim Sun #1.
  10. Mix CD gifts for Rena’s teachers.
  11. Photo editing.
  12. Rebuilding a 1952/53 Schwinn New World Traveler road bike (rebuild).
  13. Rebuilding a 1952/53 Schwinn New World Traveler road bike (paint & rebuild).
  14. Rebuilding a 1952/53 Schwinn New World Traveler road bike (cleanup & paint).
  15. Rebuilding a 1952/53 Schwinn New World Traveler road bike (teardown).
  16. More photo editing.
  17. Herb & flower garden.
  18. Catching up on photo editing.
  19. Unsuccessful 360º portrait.
  20. Herb & flower garden.
  21. Herb & flower garden.
  22. Made miniature trophies for the Soulard School Missilefits Model Rocketry Club.
  23. Model rocket construction.
  25. Herb & flower garden.
  26. SoCiReCo inventory work.
  27. SoCiReCo inventory work.
  28. Not home—backpacking with Rena.
  29. Not home—backpacking with Rena.
  30. Not home—backpacking with Rena.
  31. Worked on model rockets.


  1. Worked on Shim Sun #1 & updated UNSUBSCRIBE.
  2. Worked on Shim Sun #1.
  3. Designed the Missilefits 2014 poster.
  4. Helped Liam make a science experiment for school (photo TK).
  5. Worked on Shim Sun #1 and enhanced The GR/ASS Chair.
  6. Reworked the compost pile.
  7. Worked on Shim Sun #1.
  8. Worked on Shim Sun #1.
  9. Finished the Megametamatchstick.
  10. Worked on Shim Sun #1.
  11. The GR/ASS Chair.
  12. Worked on The GR/ASS Chair.
  13. Worked on Shim Sun #1.
  14. Worked on a model rocket.
  15. Worked on a model rocket.
  16. Made a punch-down tool | Needed to move some internet stuff around.
  17. Worked on a model rocket.
  18. Worked on the GR/ASS chair.
  19. Made a model rocket fin assembly tool.
  20. Worked on the GR/ASS chair (see April 20).
  21. Finally created an all new, secure password system for myself.
  22. Worked on SoCiRe.Co web site.
  23. Grilled a perfect steak.
  24. Made a Seminole chickee model with Sorena for her class project (photo TK).
  25. Worked on SoCiRe.Co web site.
  26. Worked on the Megametamatchstick.
  27. Worked on the book for Sorena.
  28. Worked on a Tremendousness portfolio site.
  29. Worked on a Tremendousness portfolio site.
  30. Worked on the book for Sorena.


  1. Hiding in plain sight | Ted Ed released our collaboration with them today.
  2. Homemade rust | I accidentally left some bike parts in rust remover (for like a year) and it created rust.
  3. Worked on the book for Sorena.
  4. George Carlin’s iPhone | NSFW, in a “seven dirty words” kind of way.
  5. Worked on “Feel Like an Artist”—a book by (and for) Sorena Rose Keaggy.
  6. Alphabugs | Drawn by Dave and Molly; assembled by me.
  7. Hipster logo exercises | For The South City Reclamation Company.
  8. The Alphabox | Found Instagram alphabet in a scrolling vintage box.
  9. Möebius strata | Endless strata of rust and moss in a Möebious strip.
  10. Finished video project for Tremendousness (see March 31).
  11. Worked on the Megametamatchstick.
  12. Worked on Möebius strata (see March 24).
  13. Worked on SoCiRe.Co bolt coat rack #1.
  14. Not home—traveling in Memphis (took photos)…
  15. Not home—traveling in Memphis (took photos)…
  16. Not home—traveling in Memphis (took photos)…
  17. Camera stabilizer #2 | Updated as a distributed weight “Steadicam’ design.
  18. Worked on the Megametamatchstick.
  19. Worked on camera stabilizer #2 (see March 15).
  20. Worked on ‘Feel Like an Artist’ | A book for (and by) Sorena.
  21. Worked on SoCiReCo bolt coat rack #1.
  22. Worked on The Alphabox (See March 25).
  23. Transformed small office closet into beanbag sanctuary | Comfy.
  24. | Saving and celebrating the many XPLANE.coms lost to history (with Dave Gray).
  25. Worked on (See March 8).
  26. Tremendousness stationery design | Paper? Ha-ha!
  27. Worked on Möebius strata (See March 24).
  28. Worked on ‘Feel Like an Artist’ | A book for (and by) Sorena.
  29. Camera stabilizer #1 | Basic straight “Steadicam’ design.
  30. Love & Rockets | Photos.
  31. ORCA (Overly Redundant Communications Assembly) | A Swiss Army style note station for your fridge.


  1. Worked on ORCA (see March 1).
  2. Worked on The Alphabox (see March 25).
  3. Sorting | For a future Tremendousness product.
  4. Dinosaur bookends | Take that, Pachycephalosaurus.
  5. Chess knight | Made from cork.
  6. Chess bishop | Made from cork (see Feb 24).
  7. Chess pawn | Made from cork (see Feb 24).
  8. Bon Dulli! | I cut a new version of the Afghan Whigs latest video (you have to be a Whigs fan to give a shit, trust me).
  9. Best songs of 2013 | Every year our friends host a CD swap party where people exchange their favorite songs from the past year.
  10. Worked on “Best songs of 2013’ mix.
  11. Xn | An abstract image created from an abstract webcam photo using XnShape.
  12. Storyboard sketches | For a video Tremendousness is working on with T**. Yes, I worked in a grocery list.
  13. Sheet fort | Made in the attic. Has five rooms. We slept there.
  14. BuzzFeed Bingo | What’s red and yellow and read all over? Fucking BuzzFeed.
  15. Simple generative circle | Drawn using Flowpaper.
  16. A walk to the corner market made unnecessarily creepy by the ‘A Clockwork Orange’ theme song | Yep. Update: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Serendip LLC.”
  17. Twentyy Fiverr | Here’s what happens when you send the same photo to 25 different Fiverr portrait artists.
  18. The biggest rock shaped like a shoe so far | Thanks Kathy & Danny!
  19. Crappy Bird | Filling the void left in the App Store.
  20. The iEat | iPhone iUtensils for hungry iBusy mobile iPeople on the go with a hearty iAppetite.
  21. Magnify-cent analog zoom self-portrait GIF | With “HDR off.”
  22. Which “_________” character are you? | I took all the stupid quizzes at Zimbio and apparently these are who I am.
  23. “You can go back to the page you were previously on.” | No, you can’t.
  24. Today’s mouse (trackboard, actually) activity from 9 a.m. to 9.p.m. | Tracked using IOGraphica. Apps used: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Chrome, Skype, Excel, Mailplane, Evernote, TweetDeck, PandoraJam, iTunes, Messages, Toggl, and OS X v10.9.1 System Preferences.
  25. I ♥ GRIDS | Quick, rough mockup of a t-shirt idea.
  26. Illuminated photo box | Image printed on canvas.
  27. iPhone projector | Made with a magnifying glass, a picture frame, and a cardboard box.
  28. IBM flowcharting template X20-8020 | Drawn, traced, and scanned.


  1. Fishing clock | Now you can spend 24 hours a day fishing.
  2. What happens when…? | Yet another Google autocomplete project that proves humanity is doomed.
  3. Cork rook (with two pawns) | Continuing to fill out the set. Now at seven pieces.
  4. Cork pawn | See Jan 29.
  5. Cork pawn | See Jan 29.
  6. Colored ice blocks | Fail.
  7. Book cover maze | Made from the cover of a 1963 Reader’s Digest Condensed book.
  8. Fake infographic | Drawn using Paper.
  9. Look Bach in Anger | Oasis begs to differ.
  10. Crayon rainbow | Melted at 425ºF.
  11. Eros box | Made from a moldy, damaged issue of Eros magazine.
  12. Anaheim pepper ice cream | Pretty darn good.
  13. Cork bishop | The fourth piece in the set.
  14. What drunk C-3PO sees right before he passes out | R2-D2x2
  15. Rearranged orange (redux) | One week later.
  16. A Terrible Mirror | Made from reflective cardboard.
  17. Cork rook | Piece #3.
  18. Six degrees of Francis Bacon | Bacon → Essex → Heston → Loren → Bacon
  19. Every layer selected | In Adobe Illustrator.
  20. Snow cone | Homemade.
  21. ‘Start Me Up’ | If you start me up I never stop. Seriously.
  22. But I Still Feel Empty | A meta-motivational mess.
  23. Rearranged orange | Actually, two clementines, but whatever.
  24. Sushi chopstick wrappers | As collected since about the year 2000 A.D.
  25. 10 process map & game board concepts | For a Tremendousness client (this was for work, but it was a lot of work)
  26. Cork king | Made from a champagne cork (same link as below: Jan 5).
  27. Cork pawn | Chess piece made from a wine cork.
  28. A Farewell to Feet | Undensed book #2. Hacking Hemingway.
  29. The Condiment War | I’d like to apologize for this in advance. Sorry.
  30. Frankensteer | Found these two things in my dad’s workshop. Mashed them up.
  31. Lé Oops du 2013 | The fifth compilation of accidental videos.

You would do well to pay attention to Austin Kleon.

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