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Empire Uncut

Who’s scruffy-looking? Us nerf-herding Keaggys, actually.

Holy shit,  we’re  Liam is in scene 64/537/2422 (whatever!) of Empire Uncut.

A sequel to the Emmy Award winning, Star Wars Uncut, The Empire Strikes Back garnered over 1,500 responses from fans sending short 15-second segments using their own actors, props, animation, artwork, or action figures to tell the story of The Empire Strikes Back… The Empire Strikes Back Uncut, a fan-made crowdsourced mashup video of the iconic Star Wars sequel, debuts on, along with the return of the Star Wars Fan Film Awards!

Credits: *That’s Sorena as Princess Leia, Liam as Han Solo, me as Luke (sorry, didn’t want to shave for this), and introducing Diane as Chewbacca. It’s about as lo-fi/no-budget as you can get and was made about two years ago. Pretty sure we got in solely based on Rena’s cute little “Did you hear me call him a scruffy-looking nerf-herder?!” smile as she looked at the camera. 

Here’s the original scene. You can watch the full film at or

*Update: Major bummer. Skimmed through and it’s just a snippet, not the whole 15 second scene. You only see Liam. They actually mashed together multiple submissions for some scenes even though the concept as originally presented was for people to remake the movie in 15 second chunks. POOP ON THAT. Makes the email below seem misleading.

Star Wars Uncut
11:54 PM (16 hours ago)
to me

Hi Bill Keaggy: Your scene is in the Director’s Cut!

Holy hovering X-wings! The movie is finished and ready to be seen by the world. Your scene ( ) was chosen by our team of judges.

We are extra excited that it will be posted on the official site and Youtube channel! That means that even more fans in the Star Wars Universe will be able to watch your amazing work.

We received almost 2,000 submissions for Empire Uncut, and we had a blast watching each and every one. Our editing team took a lot of care to make this one special, so we can’t wait for you to see it.

Tell your friends and family to tune in to and TOMORROW, (Friday) to watch the whole thing. We’ll be sending an email to the whole Uncut community when it goes live.

Your scruffy nerf-herders,
Casey & the Uncut team

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