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I spoke at TEDxVienna 2022 on how to find attention, mindfulness, and creativity in the everyday.


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Here’s a quite incomplete collection of press and media mentions, book projects, papers, syllabi, and other things. Unfortunately, most news providers are terrible at keeping things online. Good job, guys! Expect much linkrot. You can contact me here or @keaggy on Twitter or here:



  1. The Guardian: Experience: I collect other people’s old shopping lists
  2. 60 Second Docs: Grocery List Hunter-Gatherer Bill Keaggy
  3. The Irish Times: Alison Healy on great shopping lists of history
  4. Reader’s Lane: What’s in your grocery cart?
  5. TEDxVienna 2022: Speaker Line-up ON THE RISE


  1. Reader’s Lane: What’s in your grocery cart?
  2. The St. Louis Egotist: The Science of Gratitude Animation & Infographic
  3. University of Minnesota: WRIT 4250, New Media Writing
  4. 7Deadly: An Online Museum of Found Grocery Lists
  5. The Super Organizer Show: Talked about found grocery lists with James Lott, Jr. on Adrenaline Radio
  6. Food+City: Recommended: Brain-Tickling Books, Podcasts and Other Food Media


  1. Handwritten: It’s So Un-Special, It’s Special: A Conversation with the Bill Keaggy on Artfulness, Sloppiness, and Interestingness
  2. SELF Magazine: The Grocery Shopping Trick That Lowers Your BMI
  3. The St. Louis Egotist: Gateway Arch 50th Anniversary Poster by @tremendo_us
  4. STLtoday: Creative agency touts Gateway Arch poster
  5. M/C: A Journal of Media & Culture: Lists, Spatial Practice and Assistive Technologies for the Blind
  6. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: ‘Portrait/Process’ is a fascinating mix of styles and methods
  7. The West End Word: RAC exhibit marks 25 years of artists creating works in century building at 1007 Russell Blvd.
  8. The Huffington Post: The Ray Rice Video Changed How We Talk About Domestic Violence
  9. AIGA SAINT LOUIS: Tremendousness wins three awards at the AIGA STL 20 Show
  10. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: You made The GO! List 2015! “Best Local Instagrammer” (jump to #16)
  11. Reader’s Lane: What’s in your grocery cart?


  1. The Journal of Folklore Research: The 50 SAD CHAIRS book was the subject of an essay by Katharine Young called “Aesthetic Ecologies: Reflections on What Makes Artifacts Art” in Volume 51, Number 2 of the JFR
  2. Book: It Was a Dark and Stormy Tweet: Five Hundred 1st Lines in 140 Characters or Less
  3. STL AIGA: Artists for The Dot Show Announced
  4. The Associated Press: The Book of (Grocery) Lists
  5. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: ‘Portrait/Process’ is a fascinating mix of styles and methods
  6. Guesty: 7 Coffee Table Books to Make Your Airbnb Guests Think You Are The Best Thing Since Ramen
  7. MIZZOU: Recording History: Recent grad helps uncover St. Louis’ past through oral history
  8. Maurizia Boscagli: Stuff Theory: Everyday Objects, Radical Materialism
  9. St. Louis Magazine: Seven Questions with Dave Gray


  1. Design Observer:Jessica Helfand: Our Shopping Lists, Our Selves
  2. St. Louis Magazine: Prize Possessions: St. Louisans Tell Us What They Can’t Live Without
  3. Exhibit & book: Stocked: Contemporary Art from the Grocery Aisles
  4. The Riverfront Times: Local Design Company Creates Hilarious, Insane Video for Keith Richards’ 70th Birthday
  5. The Riverfront Times: St. Louis Firm Attempts the Impossible: Stopping Us From Killing Ourselves With Sugar
  6. Music Times: Parody video celebrates Keith Richards’ 70th birthday
  7. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: The Sugary Truth
  8. Going Mobo: Art of the doodle
  9. eHow: Super Sandwich Spotlight
  10. Chowhound: The grocery list book & website, Milk Eggs Vodka
  11. OldscoolBMX: Interview with Bill Keaggy, our first backer!
  12. The Advertising Week Social Club: Cannes 2013: Bill Keaggy
  13. Barnes & Noble Book Blog: Ten More Books You’ll Never Believe Got Published


  1. The New Yorker: The Hundred Best Lists of All Time
  2. St. Louis Magazine: St. Louis Blogs and Websites to Watch
  3. The St. Louis Egotist: What I Learned This Year 2012 #12: Bill Keaggy
  4. Book: The Sketchnote Handbook
  5. Book: The Connected Company
  6. Book: Photobombed
  7. Book: Social Business by Design
  8. WBBA: Milk Eggs Vodka
  9. Things Magazine: Round and Round and Round
  10. Random Tape: Strawberries Oh My Gosh!
  11. M/C Journal: Lists, Spatial Practice and Assistive Technologies for the Blind


  1. Yale University: In seminar, Yale students’ imaginations are fueled by shopping lists (images)
  2. PRX Radio: Milk Eggs Vodka and Bill Keaggy
  3. Mental Floss: “The Curators”: Who Runs Online Museums?
  4. The Boston Globe: Redefining Friends
  5. Austin360: The fascinating world of grocery lists
  6. Coudal Partners: A MOOMUMENTARY: The Curators
  7. KWMU St. Louis Public Radio: An interview with Bill Keaggy
  8. The St. Louis Egotist: Sidekicks & Soulmates: The Fine Art of Friendship
  9. The St. Louis Egotist: Pecha Kucha Night, Volume 5
  10. The St. Louis Beacon: The music of ‘Milk Eggs Vodka’ and Bill Keaggy’s humor
  11. The Same 5 Questions: TS5Q Lagniappes: Bill Keaggy
  12. Jim Borgman’s Zits: In my ears
  13. Design Public: Sad Chairs
  14. Sketchnote Army: Bill Keaggy on the Sketchnote Revolution
  15. Dachis Group/Sprinklr: The Sketchnote Revolution
  16. Design Observer: Recommended Books


  1. St. Louis Magazine: What’s the Big Idea?
  2. Flowing Data: The periodic table to end all periodic table ridiculousness
  3. VizWorld: The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables
  4. Neatorama: Periodic Table of Periodic Tables
  5. Boing Boing: The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables
  6. Coudal Partners: Keaggy Guilfoile St. Louis
  7. Austin 360: Austin Kleon: What’s in Your Fridge Friday?
  8. The Washington Examiner: The 3-minute interview: Bill Keaggy
  9. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louisan Bill Keaggy gets guest spot on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’
  10. The Chicago Tribune: Virtual museums gain curators, viewers
  11. The Montauk Sun: Interview with Bill Keaggy
  12. Creative Saint Louis: The grocery list legend grows
  13. Punching Kitty: Local man Bill Keaggy to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live July 1st
  14. Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC: Grocery List Collector Bill Keaggy on Jimmy Kimmel Live, part 1
  15. Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC: Grocery List Collector Bill Keaggy on Jimmy Kimmel Live, part 2
  16. Jimmy Kimmel mixes it up St. Louis-style with ‘Milk Eggs Vodka’
  17. Especiais—Autorretratos
  18. Paper: “Life itemized: lists, loss, unexpected significance and the enduring geographies of discard” by Professor Louise Crewe, University of Nottingham
  19. Book: The Five-Minute Mom’s Club: 105 Tips to make mom’s life easier
  20. KSDK: Bill Keaggy on Show Me St. Louis
  21. KTVI: Bill Keaggy Turns Odd Grocery Lists Into Book
  22. Collectors’ Corner: Milk Eggs Vodka
  23. City Mouse: Pure art grocery lists
  24. Junk Culture: 50 Sad Chairs by Bill Keaggy
  25. Eater: Grocery List Collector Bill Keaggy on Jimmy Kimmel Live


  1. Apartment Therapy: A collection of collections
  2. The Wall Street Journal: Want to Save? Put It on the List
  3. St. Louis Magazine: Flickr Friday
  4. Philly Burbs: An ode to odd books
  5. Talking with Tim: Bill Keaggy on 50 Sad Chairs
  6. Il Venerdì di Repubblica: Liste per sognare e per non dimenticare
  7. A Piece of Monologue: Pre-Owned Bookmarks
  8. David Bissell: Inconsequential Materialities: The Movements of Lost Effects


  1. Book: 50 SAD CHAIRS
  2. The Toronto Star: A picture and a thousand words
  3. The Riverfront Times: The Best of St. Louis, 2008: Best Local Website
  4. The Riverfront Times: 2008 Unreal News Challenge
  5. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Grab a seat before reading this book
  6. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: 2008 books: Hometown interest
  7. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: How DO you spell banana?
  8. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Browsing art and photography
  9. The Riverfront Times: The Collector: St. Louis artist Bill Keaggy takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary (cover)
  10. HOW Magazine: Milk Eggs Vodka in the news
  11. The Very Short List: Your money and your life
  12. Pinch: Know
  13. St. Louis Magazine: Everyday Feng Shui
  14. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Grab a seat before reading this funny book
  16. Oklahoma Gazette: Milk Eggs Vodka review
  17. Yahoo! U.K. Website of the Week:
  18. Lifehacker: Never Forget an Item at the Supermarket
  19. Book: Generation F
  20. Book: Weird Missouri: Your Travel Guide to Missouri’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets
  21. Book: Convergences: Themes, Texts, and Images for Composition


  1. Book: Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found
  2. The Chicago Tribune: List Mania
  3. Coudal Partners: Guest Editor Bill Keaggy
  4. The New York Post: Famous Lost Words
  5. Reader’s Digest: We are what we list
  6. St. Louis Magazine: Lucky Us: Our Cool 13
  7. St. Louis Magazine: The Cool Issue: The man with the magpie mind
  8. HOW Magazine: For your bookshelf
  9. Advertising Age: Paper Trail: What Grocery Lists Reveal About Shoppers
  10. Sauce Magazine: Bill Keaggy reveals our true selves in grocery lists lost and found
  11. KDHX St. Louis: The Wire: Interview with Bill Keaggy
  12. These other radio stations: ESPN Radio, WFUV in New York City, KFNX in Phoenix, Arizona, USA Network International, KPAM in Portland, Oregon, WHAM in Rochester, New York, Bob and Sheri Network, WGTD in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WAZO in Wilmington/Long Beach, North Carolina, WDEV in Burlington, Vermont, KFRU in Columbia, Missouri, WMDC in Mayville, Wisconsin, KEX in Portland, Oregon, Lifestyle Talk Radio, WBEX in Columbus, Ohio, WRVC in Huntington, West Virginia, WMKX in, Brookville/Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, WMAY in Springfield, Illinois, WDWS in Champaign, Illinois, WFLA in Tampa, Florida, WKRC in Cincinnati, Ohio
  13. Martha Stewart Radio: Everyday Food
  14. Popsugar: Summer Reading: Milk Eggs Vodka
  15. The Table Conversations Podcast: Interview with Bill Keaggy
  16. The Australian: From spam haiku to feline Fuhrers
  17. The Sacramento Bee: Living Here
  18. Akron Beacon-Journal: Grocery List Fun
  19. Scranton Times-Tribune: Even your grocery list isn’t private
  20. The Tampa Tribune: Making A List, Checking It Twice
  21. Gwinnett Daily Post: Found grocery lists offer look at private lives
  22. Oklahoma Gazette: Genius, hilarious, must-have
  23. The Oklahoman: Skip the trip; vacation with a book
  24. The Riverfront Times: Lest We Forget
  25. The West End Word: Food For Thought
  26. Everyday Trash: The Grocery List book
  27. Flux-Rad: Milk, Eggs, Vodka
  28. Yahoo!: 10 Questions with’s Bill Keaggy
  29. Book: Riot Grrrl: Revolution Girl Style Now!
  30. Book: The Muny: Songs of St. Louis Summers
  31. FAT BMX: Interviews: Zachary Alexander Yankush, aka Catfish
  32. Parenting Magazine: How to organize your grocery list
  34. Bookgasm: Milk Eggs Vodka review
  35. Canton Observer: Developing Connections for Satisfying Employment
  36. Hartford Courant: Job Hunting: Look Beyond the Internet
  37. Smashing Magazine: 50 Designers x 6 Questions170+ Expert Ideas From World’s Leading Developers
  38. Wired Magazine: The Working Life of the Modern Web Designer


  1. The Wall Street Journal: The Way We List Now
  2. The Riverfront Times: Fred Sanford He’s Not
  3. The BradLands: Must See Gallery
  4. Baltimore City Paper: Wasted
  5. The Washington Times: Number 1 among the plethora of lists
  6. Wilmington StarNews: Super Sandwiches
  7. Wikipedia: XPLANE (company)
  8. Book: No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog
  9. Book: MIT/Alphabet City’s TRASH
  10. Frieze: Down in the dump
  11. Treehugger: TRASH, the book
  12. The Christian Science Monitor: Monitor picks: Five things we think you’ll really like


  1. The New York Times: Online, Anything and Everything Can Be a Museum Piece
  2. The Los Angeles Times: Market research’s raw data
  3. JPG Magazine: The Early Issues
  4. AOL: Too Many Sandwiches
  5. AIM Today: Sandwich Love
  6. Communication Nation: Everything you ever wanted to know about business blogs
  7. Coudal Partners: The Museum of Online Museums Permanent Collection: The Grocery List Collection
  8. POYi: Winners of the Sixty-Second Annual Pictures of the Year International Competition


  1. The New York Times Magazine: Shop Write
  2. The Morning News: People: Bill Keaggy
  3. Book: Who Let the Blogs Out?: A Hyperconnected Peek at the World of Weblogs
  4. Book: The Weblog Handbook
  5. Book: Society of Publication Design’s 39th Publication Design Annual
  6. The Guardian: Interconnected
  7. Bon Appetit: What’s Hot: Food Blogs


  1. Yahoo!: Yahoo! Picks of the Year
  2. USA Today: USA Today Hot Sites
  3. St. Louis Business Journal: What’s in a blog?
  4. Book: What Is Web Design?
  5. Book: Network Security Illustrated
  6. The Sydney Morning Herald: Follow your nose


  1. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: An Interview with Bill Keaggy
  2. Network World: Are Weblogs legitimate business tools?


  1. The Washington Post: A Day-by-Day in the Life (working link)
  2. Book: Self-Promotion Online
  3. Book: Information Architecture for the World Wide Web
  4. Book: Magazine Design That Works: Secrets for Successful Magazine Design


  1. Metroplis Magazine: Web Picks: XPLANE (working link)
  2. Forbes Magazine: Forbes Best of The Web
  3. CNN: lllustrations draw investors
  4. St. Louis Business Journal: Best Places to Work: XPLANE