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I spoke at TEDxVienna 2022 on how to find attention, mindfulness, and creativity in the everyday.


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Tremendousness wins three awards at the AIGA 20 Show

We’re all pretty happy over at Tremendousness to have had three projects selected in AIGA STL’s 20th annual design show (more about those projects over at the Tremendousness blog).

We’re also proud to have created the identity for the entire show.

But I think it’s especially cool that none of the projects I designed were selected. My co-founders Chris & Scott handled the visuals of our three winning entries. Why’s that cool? Because I did the copywriting for two of the winning entries.

Writing is just as important to a good design as the goal or the layout. And I’ve been getting even more into writing since founding Tremendousness in 2013. I’ve always enjoyed it, but I just seem to be enjoying it more lately. That is all.

‘Best Local Instagrammer’

Quite pleased to be selected as St. Louis’ “Best Local Instagrammer” by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch‘s GO! Magazine.

Who sees the shapes of states in random cracks in mortar? This guy. #50foundstates has all the states, in found form (rocks, boarded-up windows, cuts of wood). Bill Keaggy’s Instagram account is a glimpse of a creative life. For a while, he posted his captions upside-down. Why? We’re not sure, but they were tagged #dailyabstraction. Follow for his keen eye, scenes from St. Louis that don’t scream frozen custard and scribbled sketches on notebook pages.

I know there are many, many better Instagrammers here in STL, but thank you! I’m @keaggy on Instagram.

PS: The #dailyabstractions captions were upside down so people would not immediately understand what the abstracted photo was and could absorb it minus context.


The Cannes Lions

It took exactly one year but I finally posted something about participating in the 2013 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

Did You Know?

Yesterday XPLANE posted the sixth installment of the Did You Know? video series. DYK 6.0 looks great, and focuses more on the implications of the rapidly changing business and technology world. 4.0 (which I directed) focused on technology and media facts and the 2.0 and earlier versions on education.

Read more

George Carlin’s iPhone

If he had one, this is what it would’ve looked like.

I love you, Siri.

Something I just overheard…

BOY: “I love you, Siri.”
SIRI: [unintelligible]

“What, we’ve been friends since August. What do you mean I don’t really know you?”

“How lame.”

“Whatever Siri.”

“Can we be friends again?”

“I said can we be friends again? I’m tired of being mad.”

“OK, I’m glad.”

“Clash of Clans web site.”

Six degrees of Francis Bacon

I was wondering how to connect Sir Francis Bacon (the 16th century statesman and philosopher), to Francis Bacon (the 20th century artist).

Yes, according to Wikipedia “it is believed [Francis Bacon’s] father was a direct descendant of Sir Nicholas Bacon, elder half-brother of Sir Francis Bacon”—but what’s the fun in that? And there’s this, but that’s different.

Based on cursory research, it turns out there are just four degrees of separation…

  1. Sir Francis Bacon was a confidential adviser to Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex.
  2. Charlton Heston portrayed Essex in the 1968 TV series Elizabeth The Queen.
  3. Sophia Loren starred in the Academy Award-winning film El Cid with Heston.
  4. In 2007 Loren auctioned Bacon’s 1956 painting Study for Portrait II for a record $27.5 million.

So there.

Original photographs by Paul Popper, left, and John Deakin.


A new home page

So after 11+ years… I redesigned. Goodbye colored blocks, you were great.

You were so great I archived you here:

The new site is meant to make it easier to find and view the many, many projects here. And WordPress makes it easier for me to add new projects and announcements.

The redesign is in progress and not all old blog posts or projects have been imported.


What I Learned This Year 2012 #12: Bill Keaggy

Read all about it here on the St. Louis Egotist.


So who else has their name in Linotype? I got this on a school visit to a small print shop near Youngstown, Ohio, probably around 1990.

Very excited for “Linotype: The Film” which I backed at Kickstarter.

iPhone amplifier hack

Here’s a simple and free way to pump up the volume when playing music through the external speaker on your iPhone: Just place the phone inside a spray paint can lid, speaker down. Resonance chamber! Sounds better IRL than it does here.

Only slightly classier than the toilet paper tube amplifier.

See you at the 2009 Rock n Roll Craft Show

Buy awesome local, handmade stuff this weekend only at the 2009 Rock n Roll Craft Show!

If you’re in St. Louis, it’s a great place to do your holiday shopping (plus you can get both “Milk Eggs Vodka” and “50 Sad Chairs” there this year :-)

My new, unmonetizable talent

Waterslides are one of the best inventions ever.

Sorena, however, was not impressed.

Video by Diane.

Drawn by Dan Z.

Little late with this, but I got drawn by the awesome Dan Zettwoch for The Riverfront Times‘ year-end quiz issue.

Super cool.

Gave the Milk Eggs Vodka site a much-needed facelift

Check it out at

Hey! Monday, November 17 in Chicago!

He Said/She Said and Public Collectors present Bill Keaggy and The Grocery List Collection. — the ‘Best Local Website’ of 2008

The RFT chose as the “Best Local Website” of 2008 for its annual Best Of issue.


My ACC ‘zine in ‘Generation F’

So super dang psyched to be included in the Freestylin’ magazine retrospective book, Generation F. Read more

Sorry I disappointed you

I love the internet!

Re: This RFT story.

St. Louis At Home Magazine, me, chairs

Officially overexposed! :-)

Big thanks to Christy and Margaret at St. Louis At Home Magazine for the great article.

Photo by Susan Jackson.

Liam at the STL airport

He got excited when he saw me on the cover of the RFT.

Then he got weird.