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I don’t really use the blog section so much. Most of my posts here are projects and they’re all listed on the home page, in order of most recent.


I spoke at TEDxVienna 2022 on how to find attention, mindfulness, and creativity in the everyday.


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‘The Collector: St. Louis artist Bill Keaggy takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary’

Wow. Check out this profile of me in The Riverfront Times!

The Collector: St. Louis artist Bill Keaggy takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

Thanks, Chad Garrison! Photos by Jennifer Silverberg.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Q&A

Q&A with me about the 50 Sad Chairs book.

Great photo by David Carson with chair-throwing help from Laurie Skrivan!


50 SAD CHAIRS the book is available now (and I made the web site a little bit better)!

I also made a promo video for it.

Buy it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BlueQ, Abe Books, and more.

My goal for 2008: Nothing.

’50 SAD CHAIRS’ is my new, new book

Last month I turned the 50 Sad Chairs project into a book.

It will be out in January, published the the weird and wonderful folks at BlueQ.

Advertising Age column about ‘Milk Eggs Vodka’

The column in Advertising Age about Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found.

More readable version here.

Thanks Lenore!

Whoa, that’s me in Smashing Magazine here and here.

Sauce Magazine, July 2007

This is from months ago, but looky—I got a cover blurb. Hey!

HOW Design Annual, October 2007

See bottom left. HOW Magazine plugs my book, which is of course published by HOW Books.


I’ll take it!

Back to XPLANE

Last Friday I quit my job at the newspaper—again—and I’m returning to XPLANE starting 30 July. (Insert another “yay!” here.)


Hey, I’m the June guest editor over at Coudal Partners

Hey, I’m the June guest editor over at Coudal Partners. (Insert “yay!” here.)

’13 St. Louisans who are redefining cool’

It took a long time, but I’m finally cool. St. Louis Magazine put me on its list of “13 St. Louisans who are redefining cool.”

So just remember that.

But seriously, thank you STL Mag!

It’s for reals

So you might have heard me mention (about 648 times) that I made a book based on one of my sites, It’s called “Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found” and will be in stores in just a couple weeks. So that makes 649 mentions. Anyway, I also made a new web site to promote the book: So there.

Earlier this week I received an advance copy. It’s such as weird thrill to hold the actual book in my hands. I think it turned out pretty cool. So this is just another thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Grocery List Collection over the years. You just might see one of yours in the book, which, happily, is available on Amazon and comes out in May.

I’m switching web hosts. Some features are broken but will be fixed in the next week or so, I hope.

Wanted: the world’s coolest robots, pirates, and monkeys

I’m working on a big RPM project and I want your suggestions for the coolest robots, pirates and monkeys ever.

Now, of course I’ve got C-3PO, Blackbeard and Curious George on the list—I need suggestions for RPMs that might not be part of the fabric of popular culture.

Would you read a book about the world’s 100 greatest robots, pirates, and monkeys?

Off to San Francisco for a few days…

…for the first-ever VizThink conference.

‘Other People’s Pictures’ at The Missouri History Museum

Been so busy I forgot to mention this: “Other People’s Pictures.”

The Missouri History Museum will screen the documentary tonight then John Foster and I will hold court and talk found photos and such.

Be there!

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My ‘Junk Science’ exhibit at COCA

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Selected exhibitions, mentions, motivations, & insults

I like to make things.

I finally added a list of shows and exhibits my projects have been in. Also, some of the feedback I get. Read more

Every single thing I ate and drank in December 2005

I did it again. Wrote down everything I ate for a month. Read more