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{selected exhibitions, speaking engagements, mentions, motivations & insults}

gallery shows

(2013) AIGA "Discovered" | Juried exhibit and auction to benefit the St. Louis Public Library Foundation. Part of STL Design Week. St. Louis Central Library, St. Louis, Missouri

(2013) Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity | "The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world's biggest celebration of creativity in communications. As the most prestigious international creative communications awards, more than 34,000 entries from all over the world are showcased and judged at the Festival, held during the third week of June in Cannes, France, every year. Winners receive the highly-coveted Lion trophy, presented at four award ceremonies throughout the week." {photography, design, found objects, video, audio, assemblage} Invitational exhibit and installation at Cannes Lions, Cannes, France

(2013) AIGA 18 | American Institute for Graphics Arts awards show (collaborative projects with Chris Roettger and W. Scott Matthews) {design, video} at COCA, The Center of Creative Arts, St. Louis, Missouri

(2012) Famous Fictional: People/Places/Things | Group invitational exhibit {digital manipulation, light, audio} at the Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

(2011) Sidekicks and Soulmates | Group invitational exhibit {photography} at the Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

(2011) FOODSTOCK ART PARTY | Group invitational exhibit/auction held by AIGA|STL to benefit Operation Food Search {design, photography, writing, installation} at the Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

(2010) LOVECRUSH ART PARTY | Group invitational exhibit/auction held by AIGA|STL to benefit the American Heart Association {photography, sculpture} at the Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

(2009) Found/As/Art/As/Found | One-person show {photography, found objects} at the John D. MacArthur Campus Gallery, Florida Atlantic University, Jupiter, Florida

(2008) He Said, She Said: Milk Eggs Vodka | Solo exhibition/event {found objects} at He Said, She Said, Chicago, Illinois

(2008) imPOSTERS: Real Posters for Fake Bands | Group show {graphic design} at Gallery Visio, University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri

(2006) Junk Science: Found objects, trash photography, strange collections and accidental art | One-person show {photography, found objects} at COCA, The Center of Creative Arts, St. Louis, Missouri

(2004) The Wondrous, the Whimsical and the Weird | Invitational show {found objects} at the St. Louis Artists' Guild, St. Louis, Missouri

(2003) 20 Things Retrospective | Invitational project show {photography} at 1777 Yosemite, San Francisco, California

(1997-2003) Intermission :-(

(1997) always every now & then | Two-person show {photography} at Casa Nueva, Athens, Ohio

(1995) Trisolini Undergraduate Photography Exhibit | Juried group show {photography} at Trisolini Gallery, Athens, Ohio

(1995) Spring Arts Festival | Group show {graphic design} at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

(1994) random disruptive sequence | One-person show {multiple media} at the Dungeon Gallery, Athens, Ohio

(1994) Book Arts | Group show {handmade books} at Another Fool's Cafe, Athens, Ohio

(1992) 56th Annual Student Art Exhibit | Juried group show {photography} at the McDonough Museum of Art, Youngstown, Ohio

(1991) ICPA Winners' Show | Judged group show {graphic design} at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

my work has been featured in:

(These daily newspapers) The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, The Washington Post, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Charlotte Observer, Kansas City Star, Detroit Free Press, The Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, The Guardian, The National Post, The Mirror, The Sydney Morning Herald and many others

(These magazines) Metropolis, The New York Times Magazine, Bizarre, Forbes, Fast Company, Business 2.0, The Business Journal, Network World, MacWorld, Bon Appetit, Family Circle, Invert, Ride, BMX Plus!, JPG Magazine, Factsheet 5 and many others

(These books) 50 SAD CHAIRS, Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost & Found, Convergences, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (2nd Ed), The Weblog Handbook, What Is Web Design?, Who Let the Blogs Out?, No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, MIT's Alphabet City: Trash, Self-Promotion Online, Weird Missouri, Riot Grrrl, Photobombed, The Connected Company, and a few others, mostly featuring my work (and my colleagues' work) at XPLANE

(These online publications) Yahoo!, AOL, Flickr, MetaFilter, Boing Boing, The Morning News, k10k, 52 Projects, Frieze, Fark, Treehugger, ClickZ, Online Learning, eLearningPost, International Education Daily and thousands of others. Seriously. I have been featured/discussed/dismissed and loved/respected/devoured/destroyed on lots of web sites (and by email!). Try Googling me.

the reason for all this hubbub:

I like to make things.


The Facebook Class: Social Networking and the Self | Presented at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville (SIUE), Oct 2012

Best visualization practices 101 | Presented at the Investigative Reporters and Editors Computer Assisted Reporting Conference (with Kat Downs), Feb 2012

Bootstrapping Your Passion: Entrepreneurship for Creative Media | Presented at SND|STL (The Society for News Design), Nov 2011

BECAUSE | Presented at Pecha Kucha St. Louis #5, Jan 2011

Other People's Photos | Presented at the Missouri History Museum (with John Foster, Jan 2008

Say cheese! | Presented at The Center of Creative Arts (COCA), Jan 2007

Exploring digital photography | Presented at COCA, Jan 2007

Fine objects/Found art | Presented at Washington University Art School, Oct 2006

Beyond the printed page | Presented at SLCC, Apr 2005

All about (biz) blogs | Presented at The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Apr 2005

this is what some people have said about the things I do:

(+) "In the words of COCA's press release, Bill Keaggy is 'a collector, maker and breaker of things who explores photography, collecting, found objects, technology and ways of seeing' -- examples of which will be on view in this solo show. At the Post-Dispatch, we know Keaggy as Features photo editor, so we endorse this show with total objecivity. But lest you think we're provincial in our apraisal, The New York Times has featured Keagy's collecting mania in its Sunday magazine, and his work has been written about in the Washingon Post, the Chicago Tribune and Metropolis. If you're lucky, he'll be highlighting his collection of shoe-shaped stones.
—David Bonetti in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on "Junk Science"

(+) "Takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary"
—Chad Garrison in The Riverfront Times on

(+) "If you have one of those stultifying office jobs with an Internet connection, and you're looking for more ways to while away those weekday afternoons, prepare to be amazed at the electronic wonderland that is ...while lost scraps of paper and rust overtaking buildings are so ubiquitous as to be ignored, Keaggy's careful, almost studious documentation of them gives these things a sense of importance; they hold your attention and make you realize how much strangeness and decay surrounds us modern folk."
—Paul Friswold in The Riverfront Times on "Junk Science"

(-) Presentation: A. Content: D.
—Bill Christman on "Junk Science"

(-) "...dazed by the aesthetics of decay..."
— Brian Dillon in Frieze on "TRASH"

(+) "...genuinely poignant..."
— William Wiles in Icon magazine online on "50 Sad Chairs"

(+) "Bill Keaggy is a self-described collector, maker and breaker of things, whose Web site alone could distract you for hours at a time... To really appreciate his genius, though, we recommend checking out his collections firsthand during the exhibit 'Junk Science,' which opens tonight at COCA. On his site, Keaggy promises that some of the things you'll find there include rust stains, trees growing out of buildings and other people's grocery lists, but we can also guarantee plenty of smiles and an eye-opening good time."
Sauce Magazine on "Junk Science"

(-) "The interest value of the mundane isn't lost on a growing constituency of the Internet. Though adopting an approach that is generally less intellectual than that of scholars, numerous Web sites have pages devoted to such detritus as people's shopping lists or purchase receipts."
—Mark Scheffler in the Chicago Tribune on "The Grocery List Collection"

(+) "We are fans of Bill Keaggy: we like his crazy grocery list collection, and we like that he makes up lil' random projects to keep himself busy (see: everything else at So, we suspect there'll be a lot to like at this latest conglomeration of his work, based on his career as a collector of and tinkerer with photography, ephemera and assorted trash."
—Amanda Doyle in The Commonspace on "Junk Science"

(+) "The thin lines of ink and pencil jutting and looping across crinkled and torn pieces of paper have a purely graphic beauty. One of life's most banal duties, viewed through the curatorial lens, can somehow seem pregnant with possibility. It can even appear poetic, as in the list that reads 'meat, cigs, buns, treats.' ... As a group, the lists are an enlightening barometer of eating and shopping trends, as well as of attitudes toward food."
—Amanda Hesser in The New York Times Magazine on "The Grocery List Collection"

(+) "The Grocery List Collection ( is compulsive reading. Among the 700 shopping lists is one that includes 'potoes, chese, pease, smokes.' My favorite is a short list scrawled on the back of an envelope with a return address of Christ's Gospel Fellowship, Spokane, Wash. Under the words 'Urgent - Needed' are 'knife + sheath,' written in red ink, then scratched out and replaced with 'hatchet sheath.'"
—Sarah Boxer in The New York Times on "The Grocery List Collection"

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