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My ‘Junk Science’ exhibit at COCA

Junk Science | Projects by Bill Keaggy: Found objects, trash photography, strange collections and accidental art.

Opening reception at COCA, St. Louis, Missouri: Friday, April 14, 2006, 6-8 p.m.

Consider yourself invited to check out the opening of my solo exhibit at COCA, the Center of Creative Arts, in St. Louis, Missouri. This photography and found objects show is an attempt to put years of projects that were created for online display out into the real world.

Most of my projects are half formal experiment, half social document — half visual art, half visual reporting. I like to make a big deal about little things like rust stains, discarded furniture and flea market cameras. My projects are about the life behind everything we leave behind.

More info here.

This post was published retroactively in 2012 from previously posted sources.

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