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Start Me Up

I recently found a file on one of my old hard drives. It was named Startmeup2.AIFF. The “Last modified” date was Sunday, March 2, 1997 at 12:05 PM.

And I knew exactly what it was.

“If you start me up, if you start me up I never stop.”

Around 1996-97 I got obsessed with making loops using a Mac program called SoundEdit. I recorded a whole discordant, copyright-murdering album called Of the Vibe of the Church of the Loop and had a lot of fun. One practice project had been to take The Rolling Stones’ Start Me Up and edit it into a perfect, infinite, un-ironic loop. So I did it, then forgot about it.

But now, 5,794 days later, the project is finally finished—though it’s not actually infinite:

Enjoy. Maybe now you can “Mickroll” someone.

Part of: SSED. Related: The 12 Days of Keefmas.

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