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The 12 Days of Keefmas!

In the spirit of debauched inclusivity, this holiday season The Tremendousness Collective have decided to celebrate something magical that everyone can believe in—something all of us can look at with a wide-eyed sense of wonder and awe—Keith Richards’ 70th birthday, which is just a couple days away on December 18.

So, yeah, he made it to 70. Let’s raise a toast to the long career of a tremendous artist—and to what we hope will be a tremendous new year for you and yours and us. Now sit back and check out “The 12 Days of Keefmas”, our 2013 holiday video. We’ve filled it with Keith lore, legend, and lawlessness (hey, it’s about Keith Richards, so don’t expect a kiddie cartoon—even though we did have kids sing the song).

And if you end up a bit puzzled over all the obscure Keith references, we’ve got some links at the end of the post that should clear everything up.

Cheers, and happy holidays!

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