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Paper airplanes!
Paper airplanes!
Paper airplanes!
Paper airplanes!
Paper airplanes!
Paper airplanes!
Paper airplanes!
Paper airplanes!

Paper airplanes!

I made this chalk marker mural in Tremendousness‘s STL office for AIGA Design Week 2016.

Not really sure why I picked paper airplanes—I think it just sounded fun and would lend itself to visualizations.

I posted the series on Instagram but here’s the story:

  1. The initial napkin sketch for a wall mural on paper airplanes.
  2. Post-research napkin sketch rev with more detail.
  3. New napkin concept: a grid of sheets of “paper” rather than simple callouts. Timeline of flight added too.
  4. We’re now at the blueprint phase: a digital sketch where the layout, visuals, typography, and words are mapped out in detail. Blueprint artwork is usually made up of hand-drawn sketches to be vector illustrated later, but in this case is made up of various reference images to be hand-sketched later.
  5. After some editing and simplifying of the blueprint, I inverted the blacks & whites because this will be drawn on a black chalkboard wall.
  6. Design phase is done so it’s time to project it on the wall and redraw everything by hand in liquid chalk.
  7. Many chalk markers* and several hand cramps later, there is some discernible progress on the paper airplane wall infographic. Currently inking the origami section.
  8. Done! The #paperairplane #infographic is complete, although I wish the blue chalk was brighter. You can see it if you stop by for our Design Week open house.

*”Erasable” chalk markers are not erasable.

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