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Finding gratitude

OK, here’s a break in the intermission: a new infographic and an animated video on The Science of Gratitude.

There are two things I find really great about this project:

  1. The topic is interesting to me, and will be helpful to others
  2. This was a true group* project at Tremendousness—I just shepherded it along

Chris Roettger initiated the project and wrote a wonderful blog post on the Tremendousness site. I’ll let her speak for herself, but here’s an excerpt:

The idea of practicing gratitude can be a fluffy topic, but it’s finally leaving the yoga mat and entering the mainstream. Here at Tremendousness we thought it was important to help add to that momentum. Part of what’s stoking gratitude’s recent popularity is the amount of research that’s going into it—and the positive proof that’s coming out.

Here’s the headline for you: gratitude improves your health.

The fact that the neural pathways in your brain can be rerouted to make you a more positive—and healthier—person is powerful.

Chris goes on to relate her powerful personal reasons for exploring gratitude. Please go read it and I hope this projects is helpful to you!

*The video idea was proposed by Scott Goldstein and Chris Roettger, written by me, concepted and storyboarded by Sara Wong & Megan Puentes, illustrated by Sara Wong & Chris Roettger, animated by Darrick Hays, narrated by BritishMVO, and project managed by Ashley Rath (the infographic was designed by me and Sara Wong).

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