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Vintage camera collection

Vintage camera collection

I like cheap old cameras. I especially like using cheap old box cameras. Most of the cameras in this collection are in the $2-$10 range — in between the cost of a beer or a pizza. It’s kind of surprising that I have so many cameras, because I really like beer and pizza.

Yeah. I like using them. I only buy cameras that actually work, but I usually only use my favorites. I like taking pictures that require nothing but an eye and gut technique: No flash, no shutter speed, no lens changes, no aperature settings, no timers, no light meters. Nothing but a box, film, a shutter and a button.

I really like Ilford HP5 Plus film for the 120 cameras. It’s B&W. You can use 120 film in 620 cameras by following the instructions here: Respooling 120 film onto 620 spools for use in older cameras.

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