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The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables

The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables

My weekend project.

I kept thinking about how clichéd and pervasive (and fun) the periodic table framework has become, and I thought, “Hey, there’s no periodic table of periodic tables.” I Googled it and I was right. So I made one. Consider this v 1.0.

The zoomable/clickable version at is now fully operational, even if it’s a bad way to use Flash.

The big categories ended up being Foodstuffs, Beverages, Elements, Noble geeks, Communication, Design gases, Music series, Earth technologies, Awesomements, Objectments and the Undiscovered.

Dear chemists, datageeks, wet blankets, etc: Please don’t look for any true periodicity or science to the organization—it’s just supposed to be a little bit fun and not a little bit sarcastic. There may be no end to the Internet, but this might just be the end of the misused periodic table.

Sources: Internet Database of Periodic Tables, jonesthought, Google, Wikipedia, curiosity, restlessness, etc.

Best viewed larger, duh. Actual size 100″ x 60″.

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