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The Grocery List Collection

The Grocery List Collection

St. Louis, 1997: I found an abandoned grocery list in a Schnuck’s parking lot. I picked it up. It seemed interesting. So, of course, I decided to keep them every time I came across one. And the internet is a great place to do stupid things. So here it is:

I like other people’s grocery lists. They’re funny. A lot of people cannot spell very well. I try not to make fun of them too much. And some people buy funny combinations of things. That’s all. I used to collect key chains. I also collect small stones that look like shoes. And junk from the street. And old box cameras. And dirt. And some other stuff.

All lists appear at 100% of the original size, unless they were scanned in by someone else and sent to me by email. Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, you will find a few non-grocery lists in this collection. There are some from Target, Home Depot, etc… Deal with it. Most of the lists are predictably mundane, but a few standouts earn spots in the Lists of Top 10 Lists.

Update: this project is now a book!

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