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Desk Eater Convention
Desk Eater Convention

Desk Eater Convention

My circle of high school friends had a penchant for bikes, skateboards, music, and absurdity. Andy was always the most artistically gifted, drawing-wise—and he loved to put his talents to use creating the most disgusting, weird, fucked up shit. Nice cover art. Love you, Andy.

Andy was (and is) in so many bands I can’t possibly remember all of them. After he moved from hardcore to hard rock, we spent a couple nights in 1995 recording a few fun, heavy, mostly nonsensical songs (the last track was not recorded by him). This is the result! Desk Eater Convention!

  1. Outside the Sparrow’s Home
  2. Double Tan Faker
  3. Your Manta Ray
  4. The Smelly Boys

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