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4 posters from college

4 posters from college

I started designing ‘zines on my bedroom floor with paper, scissors, photos, and glues. Xerox machines were as high-tech as it got. As I began to design other things (anything and everything) I continued using (and preferring) those simple tools. Strangely, I avoided using computers as long as I could.

Here are four posters I made from about 1992-1995. The master of each was a glued-up 11×17″ sheet of paper. Clockwise from top-left:

  • insideOUT Magazine AIDS benefit concert. That’s actually a photo of Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins playing The Babylon-A-Go-Go in Cleveland, Ohio, circa 1991.
  • 56th Annual Student Art Exhibit. I went to Youngstown State University for a short time before transferring to Ohio University in Athens. I was the president of the Student Art Association at YSU. The hand lettering here was created by photocopying writing on a napkin over and over and over. The text was set on a cold-type machine by my girlfriend who worked at the student paper.
  • random disruptive sequence. My first solo show. It was, quite literally, a very random collection of found objects, photography, constructions, etc. I nicked the title from a photo series that used to run in Freestylin’ Magazine.
  • OU Spring Arts Festival. I have no memory of how I came to design this poster. All I know is I made a label and attached in to a can of Quik chocolate milk powder and shot it. Futura!

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