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I don’t really use the blog section so much. Most of my posts here are projects and they’re all listed on the home page, in order of most recent.


I spoke at TEDxVienna 2022 on how to find attention, mindfulness, and creativity in the everyday.


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Gave the Milk Eggs Vodka site a much-needed facelift

Check it out at


50 SAD CHAIRS the book is available now (and I made the web site a little bit better)!

I also made a promo video for it.

Buy it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BlueQ, Abe Books, and more.

’50 SAD CHAIRS’ is my new, new book

Last month I turned the 50 Sad Chairs project into a book.

It will be out in January, published the the weird and wonderful folks at BlueQ.

It’s for reals

So you might have heard me mention (about 648 times) that I made a book based on one of my sites, It’s called “Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found” and will be in stores in just a couple weeks. So that makes 649 mentions. Anyway, I also made a new web site to promote the book: So there.

Earlier this week I received an advance copy. It’s such as weird thrill to hold the actual book in my hands. I think it turned out pretty cool. So this is just another thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Grocery List Collection over the years. You just might see one of yours in the book, which, happily, is available on Amazon and comes out in May.

Wanted: the world’s coolest robots, pirates, and monkeys

I’m working on a big RPM project and I want your suggestions for the coolest robots, pirates and monkeys ever.

Now, of course I’ve got C-3PO, Blackbeard and Curious George on the list—I need suggestions for RPMs that might not be part of the fabric of popular culture.

Would you read a book about the world’s 100 greatest robots, pirates, and monkeys?