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The Unfinished

The Unfinished

Earlier this year I got an email. It wasn’t my first email. I’ve been getting email since 1995.

But this one actually challenged me, rather than simply ridiculing, questioning, praising — or asking me for advice on how to publish a book about something you’d think no one would want to publish a book about.

Here it is, in its entirety:

Keaggy, what you been doing for a year? nothing on your site since ’08 ?? you ok?

Yeah, no biggie. I’ve received worse, and better.

The truth is I am always working on something. But those things don’t always work out. Or they fizzle. Or they’re stupid. Or it turns out someone has already done it. Or I forget about them, or get distracted or disillusioned. Or something.

It’s fun to see things and make connections. It’s fun to make things and it’s fun to publish those things for others to see. The beauty of the web is that it facilitates those activities quite well. You just need an idea.

So here are my ideas. Raw and undeveloped. Crappy pix, toned poorly, or maybe just a hastily noted concept—the raw, unrefined first glimpse of “what you been doing?” that may or may not turn into something.

Update: sorry, took down the Unfinished blog to combat spam.

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