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OOPS 2015

The Oops Collection, 2015

As I said last year, “These are getting so much less interesting—and shorter.”

This montage—like all in the Oops series—is every video clip that I accidentally shot while trying to take a photograph. It makes for an accidentally unusual recap of the year.

I can’t imagine there will be many more of these worth putting together. Didn’t even have an Oops until May this time.

Update, February 2017: Yes, this series is officially over. It’s much less likely to accidentally take a video on an iPhone, and the “Live Photos” feature means I end up with a bunch of short videos that weren’t accidental. I went back and did the previous years that had videos, although in the early days it looks like I always deleted the accidents to save hard drive space. So for now RIP, OOPS: 2001-2015.

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