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The official soundtrack of grocery shopping

The official soundtrack of grocery shopping

Here’s a new project, based on an old project! I made a compilation CD of completely original music without singing or playing anything.

Each of these songs was written and performed by a complete stranger via, a web site where people offer to do things for $5. I took a bunch of them up on it.

I sent each of these fine folks a found grocery list (the list songs) or a link to the story I wrote at (the MEV songs) and asked them to interpret in their own way. It worked out pretty good — thanks to everyone who played along.

FWIW, I made about 20 requests and a little more than half delivered (you get your money credited back to your account when a transaction is cancelled). The ones who didn’t deliver came up with all kinds of serious excuses: I got the flu, I just moved, my camcorder died, my computer died, my friend died, etc. One person was good/blunt enough to simply say, “I don’t have time to do this.”

Anyway, is proud to present the new musical masterpiece CD “Let’s All Go to the Grocery Store!”

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