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The Available Tool (Screwdriver)
The Available Tool (Screwdriver)
The Available Tool (Screwdriver)
The Available Tool (Screwdriver)
The Available Tool (Screwdriver)

The Available Tool (Screwdriver)

You know how occasionally you need this one tool that you think you keep handy, maybe in a drawer in the kitchen, but it seems like it’s never there and you have to run down to the basement or out to the garage to get one? Maybe it’s a screwdriver, or a hammer, or pliers, or a hex wrench.

If you had one of these ‘The Available Tool’ pieces that wouldn’t happen. The tool would always be available.

The Available Tool series puts old, used tools on a pedestal. A pedestal made of old, used other stuff. This is Screwdriver, Series A, Numbers 1-5.

Part of the larger Home Improvement series, constructed by the nascent South City Reclamation Company.

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