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The Ampersander
The Ampersander
The Ampersander
The Ampersander

The Ampersander

You know, the terrible thing is that I get a lot of ideas. The worse thing is that I forget a lot of ideas. Sometimes within seconds. But once in a while I get something stuck in my head that just doesn’t go away—and eats at me until I finish it.

The Ampersander.

It’s made from a decorative ampersand bought off eBay—and some scraps of sandpaper.

From Wikipedia:

An ampersand (or epershand) is a logogram “&” representing the conjunction word “and”. This symbol is a ligature of the letters et, Latin for “and”.


Sandpaper (sometimes called glasspaper) is a heavy paper with abrasive material attached to its surface.

Things I learned: Super Glue™ soaks through sandpaper, discoloring it. A few other “tough” glues didn’t work either. And the sandpaper was too disobedient to allow a glue gun to stick it (it was also hot on my fingers). What did work? White school glue.

Part of the Home Improvement series.

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