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‘Self Promotion Online’
‘Self Promotion Online’
‘Self Promotion Online’
‘Self Promotion Online’

‘Self Promotion Online’

Back in 2000, I was interviewed by Ilise Benun about how I helped XPLANE become a better known brand. The number one reason, of course, is that everyone there did great work and we had an incredible relationship with the now defunct Business 2.0 magazine. We got at least five new leads a day back then. Incredible.

Anyway, she wrote up my work on xBlog, email marketing, and other ideas in her book Self Promotion Online.

Remember—this was freaking 2000.

This hands-on guide offers clear, easy-to-understand self-promotion principles and proven online marketing techniques for graphic designers and other creative professionals seeking to publicize, market and promote their services on the Internet. Benun provides numerous case studies and first-hand accounts of creatives who have combined online, offline and e-mail promotions to boost their businesses. Online marketing techniques are illustrated with examples, commentary and sample web pages. The writing style is concise, hands-on and jargon-free, full of great quotations and action oriented tips and checklists. This demystifies the concepts of marketing online and distills them into a series of simple tasks that creatives can do without being overwhelmed and without succumbing to hype or gimmicks.

Now that I’m back at XPLANE I just thought I’d post this for posterity.

btw, that blue, orange, and green Web site that Dave Gray and I designed in 1999 is still, by far, my favorite web site XPLANE has had.

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