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I don’t really use the blog section so much. Most of my posts here are projects and they’re all listed on the home page, in order of most recent.


I spoke at TEDxVienna 2022 on how to find attention, mindfulness, and creativity in the everyday.


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My web history

My web history

Much like my list of bands I’ve seen, I decided that I should write down some web-related memories and milestones before they fade away. Let’s consider this Version 1.0 because I’ll be updating it as relevant memories surface, old links are found and as time goes on. I am not the guy who started using the internet on a 1,400 baud modem in the late 80s. And I didn’t use Gopher back in early 90s. And I never programmed my own games or software on a Commodore. I just fell in love with the web in 1995, and that was that.

The idea is to put into words (and links, when possible) how my use of the internet and my work on the web has played a very central role in my life since then. Along with bikes, design, photography, music (and, of course, my family), the web is a very integral part of my life. This is the mini-dairy of someone who fell for the whole thing somewhat early on. While I’m no Auriea Harvey or Matt Haughey, I’ve put a lot of things on the web in the last 10 or so years—although some of it has disappeared—and I’ve greatly enjoyed the web work of others.

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