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‘Monkey vs. Robot’ CD

‘Monkey vs. Robot’ CD

It’s done! I finally did it. The Monkey vs. Robot covers compilation is done! The CD features seven covers of James Kochalka’s classic. Everyone who participated will get a copy and a special excellent prize. Here is the awesome list of people and bands that went and done good:

  1. Bob Dorsey
  2. Rudy Charisma
  3. John Miner
  4. Tha Shewz
  5. Mike Watkins
  6. Reddy Killsalot
  7. Fandangoya
  8. James Kochalka Superstar (unofficially)

I made 25 copies of the CD. There are still some left for those of you lucky enough to see this and ask nicely.

Cover illustration by Bob Dorsey.

The backstory, from March 2005:

Back when Gmail was special, and I was special too, I occasionally used GmailSwap to give away invites. Someone posted that they’d sing the song of your choice in exchange for an invite. So I asked him to sing James Kochalka‘s “Monkey Vs. Robot.” I got one taker.

It was so good that I needed more. I wanted to make an entire covers album. But no one bit, and now everyone has Gmail. And I still want to make that album!

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