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LOST DOG (Now I Wanna Be Your)
LOST DOG (Now I Wanna Be Your)
LOST DOG (Now I Wanna Be Your)
LOST DOG (Now I Wanna Be Your)

LOST DOG (Now I Wanna Be Your)

A piece for a benefit art auction for St. Louis-area dog shelters. I had a hard time deciding what to do here. I false-started drawings, prints, books, maps, and more.

I even simply did I a fancily framed print of the Wikimedia Commons web page for “Humping Chihuahua.jpg” to an AIGA|STL dog-themed charity art auction, but I figured I’d save organizer W. Scott Matthews the grief and do something else.

That something ended up being a little more punk rock than a randy Chihuahua. Lost dogs! Vintage punk and indie rock STL show flyers (from before my time here, but bands important to me growing up in Ohio)! Mean notes from old neighbors! Aaaaaannnnnnd… the Stooges! Yes, you can call the number on the flyer.

The event was Urban Chestnut Friday, July 20, 2018 and was full of great doggo- and pupper-oriented art! Glad this one found a home.

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