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I spoke at TEDxVienna 2022 on how to find attention, mindfulness, and creativity in the everyday.


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Coudal Partners’ MoOMumentary

Whoa, thrilled to be part of Coudal Partners‘ new documentary series, MoOMumentary. Here’s me in part one.

For all these years we’ve been curating the Museum of Online Museums, one persistent question has been with us from the beginning: “Why?” It’s one thing to collect stamps or coins and have some association with a like-minded community. It’s something else entirely when you’re likely the only person on the planet scouring thrift shops for Fanta bottle caps. And it takes an extra special breed to then take their one-of-a-kind collection and building a dedicated online museum to share their odd passion with the world. We’ve been enjoying and collecting these collectors’ work for so many years, but it was high time we learned some origin stories. So we hit the road, camera in hand, landing in three cities and three states, seeing three collections up-close, interviewing each curator, and asking, well, “Why?”

Part one: Bill Keaggy’s The Grocery List Collection
Part two: Brian Collier’s Very Small Objects
Part three: Jennifer Sharpe’s The Kriegsmann Files


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