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Behind the Curtain: 24 hours in the life of XPLANE

Behind the Curtain: 24 hours in the life of XPLANE

Despite the fact that I signed us up for the project and we both took most of the pictures, Jeff Lash really did the bulk of the work: He formatted all the photos, wrote all the captions, and designed and coded the original web presentation (Hi Jeff!).

As it’s no longer on XPLANE’s site, you can view the photo collection here:

From the Behind the Curtain site:

What the ‘Behind the Curtain’ project is… on September 17 and 18 of the year 2000, over 150 webloggers coordinated to photograph 24 hours in their ‘normal’ lives. Because all webloggers have careers in addition to our roles as webloggers, we had to flex the time to allow everyone to pick a 24 hour period within that original September 17/18 timespan. But in the bigger picture, we’ve bypassed the publishers, photographers, distributors. we’ve taken the control into our own hands and documented ourselves. For who knows weblogging better than we?

Introduction by Jeff Lash:

Behind the Curtain was the brainchild of weblogger Garret Vreeland, who runs Array Dangerous Meta, working “behind the curtain,” as he calls it. “Behind the Curtain: A day in the life of webloggers” was a way to see what it really is like to run a weblog. The dates were set, the invitation was open. Over 170 webloggers answered the call.

Showing behind the scenes for the xBlog is like showing a behind the scenes for XPLANE. While most weblogs are run by one individual, everyone at XPLANE contributes. Illustrators may contribute links about comics, typography, or storytelling; salespeople may contribute links about e-business or venture capital; interactive designers may contribute links about interface design or programming. This was the perfect opportunity to show what it’s like during a typical day at XPLANE, both blogging and just working in general.

The image gallery contains over 200 pictures, spanning the entire day of Monday, September 17, 2000. The images are not only pictures (both digital and analog), but scans, screen captures, illustrations, webcam images, and more. They include images from both the XPLANE World Headquarters in St. Louis and one of our remote offices in San Francisco [now shuttered]. They offer a glimpse into the people, atmosphere, culture, and work that makes XPLANE the company it is.

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