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‘Artifical Limb’ bench, #1
‘Artifical Limb’ bench, #1
‘Artifical Limb’ bench, #1

‘Artifical Limb’ bench, #1

I’m not sure at all why it occurred to me to use tree limbs as legs in furniture, but now I can’t stop. (I’ve done a few pieces that I haven’t yet posted, or may never.)

The basic idea is to create or repair a table or chair or whatever using a branch as one leg. For example, maybe the chair is an alley find with a broken leg. Then I give it an “artificial limb” that is 100% natural, and it’s fixed.

This bench is my first completed piece, although not the first I started. It’s actually from scratch—not a repair. The seat is a hearty slab of reclaimed oak. Looks lightning burnt to me on the underside. Three of the legs are from a very old busted ladder (an alley find, of course). And the branch leg was Mississippi River driftwood. All joinery and glue—no metal.

It makes for a nice, though quite primitive, meditation bench / low table in my home office.

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