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20 Things {from:ohio}

20 Things {from:ohio}

20 Things {from:ohio} is part of Judith’s 20 Things project, summer, 2001.

These photos were taken 1994-1996, in small places in Ohio including Athens, Columbiana, and the Zaleski State Forest.

They were shot with an old Ansco Shur-Flash box camera (my favorite), circa 1950, bought for $5 at a flea market. the camera has no controls except a shutter button and a film winder. Film: Ilford HP5 Plus 120 rollfilm, ISO 400.

The film was processed with Ilford Perceptol and fixed with Kodak RapidFix. The negatives were then scanned on a regular flatbed as if they were positives (no negative adapter was used). The only adjustments made in Photoshop were for contrast and sharpness.

The prints were output on an Epson Stylus 740i to semi-archival photographic paper (don’t get it wet, though!). Finally they were mounted in some very inexpensive (read: cheap and crappy) frames bought at Target.

Thank you, Judith.

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