(bits) by bill keaggy

Every week I used to find a cool weblog (sometimes a local St. Louis blog) or some useful, interesting web site from here or there and write up a brief on it for the Sunday Everyday section Tuesday Here and Now section in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (I used to work there as Features Photo Editor). That's about it. Not much action here anymore. More of my stuff can be seen here: keaggy.com.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One Sentence

The group blog One Sentence is filled with fragments of real lives. Many of the one sentence stories are just chilling enough to cause you to worry about complete strangers, though some are humorous or insightful and some are just inane. In the founder's words, "One Sentence is an experiment in brevity. Most of the best stories that we tell from our lives have one really, really good part that make the rest of the boring story worth it. This is about that one line." Browse the good parts at www.onesentence.org.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Beer Mapping Project

Mix hops, maps and geeks and what do you get? You get The Beer Mapping Project, a web site for folks who like to know exactly where they are and how far they need to go for a good beer. The goal is admirable and ambitious: Use Google Maps and an army of volunteers to locate and review places that brew and/or serve delicious craft beers. Find your way to www.beermapping.com to get your map on.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dad Gone Mad

Who's hilarious, insightful and (almost always) a good dad? Dad Gone Mad, that's who. Written anonymously, the Dad Gone Mad blog makes up for that with well-told stories featuring a rich cast of nicknamed characters (Hot Wife, Wondersis, The Champ and The Artist Formerly Known As Barney's Biggest Fan). The language is sometimes Rated R -- but that's just how dads talk when they're having a conversation with the entire internet. Visit the madhouse at www.dadgonemad.com.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

(bits) lives!

The blog of the week will return to the Post-Dispatch on June 12 as part of the new Here and Now section. Yay!